Great War Theatre

Address: Stoke Newington, London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Belle Of The HaremUnknown
N/A A Fatal RehearsalUnknown
N/A Venus In VeniceUnknown
N/A Mild And BitterUnknown
N/A Sword or Surplice, Or A Man of PeaceUnknown
N/A His Dearest WishUnknown
N/A In Oult ConnemaraUnknown
28 Jun 1915 The Two Captains or Apartments For TwoUnknown
24 Jan 1916 Sword or Surplice, Or A Man of PeaceProfessional
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Performed the week of 24 January. 'The author himself played the gardener in a vigorous and manly style. The part of the Vicar received admirable treatment in the hands of Mr Albert Ward, whilst a capital portrait of the Vicar's wife was contributed by Miss Kitty Lofting. The sketch was well received, the audience cheering the heroic sentiment of the gardener which that enthusiasm which betokens success.' (The Stage, 3 February 1916)
15 May 1916 Aunt SallyUnknown
28 Aug 1916 The Nipper's BankUnknown
9 Oct 1916 The Brass Door-KnobUnknown
6 Nov 1916 The Chords of MemoryUnknown
29 Nov 1916 One of the FamilyUnknown
18 Dec 1916 The DiferenceUnknown
8 Jan 1917 When the Clock Went Wrong. A Tale of a New Laid EggUnknown
15 Jan 1917 Tin GodsUnknown
19 Mar 1917 Money and MiseryUnknown
3 Apr 1917 The Golden GodUnknown
11 Apr 1917 The EnemyProfessional
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"Originally produced at the New Theatre, Cambridge, this sketch is obviously intended as a warning against permitting the uninterned alien to remain in our midst, and it should find favour among popular audiences." "There is excellent material in the sketch, which will go much better when played a few more times." "Miss Katherine Harrowby is excellent as the patriotic wife and Mr. A. E. Mayne is very successful in the difficult portrayal of Hans Hanger. The Oscar Wech of Mr. Beresford [?] is defty handled, whilst a pleasant relief is provided by Mrs. Henry Gasgoigne as the landlady, Mrs Higgins; and the detective displayed by Mr. John Mason. The piece was excellently received by an appreciative audience." "The Era", 25 April 1917.
16 Apr 1917 BrownieUnknown
4 Jun 1917 Back to BlightyUnknown
25 Jun 1917 WhichUnknown
1 Oct 1917 A Big AdUnknown
4 Feb 1918 The Wooing of JanetUnknown
4 Mar 1918 The Little ThingsUnknown
11 Mar 1918 Mrs Pushem: The HoarderUnknown
22 Apr 1918 Found in a TaxiUnknown
3 May 1918 The Frozen LimitUnknown
7 May 1918 John SmithUnknown
16 May 1918 The Land GirlUnknown
20 May 1918 The Iron Ann [Oh! Annie!]Unknown
27 May 1918 Old Down and OutUnknown
3 Jun 1918 In Sunny SevilleUnknown
3 Jun 1918 The Land Of The ChrysanthemumUnknown
6 Jun 1918 The House BoatUnknown
10 Jun 1918 Two Sweethearts Too ManyUnknown
13 Jun 1918 The Flowery LandUnknown
17 Jun 1918 Bonnie ScotlandUnknown
20 Jun 1918 Whose Baby?Unknown
27 Jun 1918 Head Over HeelsUnknown
1 Jul 1918 An Officer's MessUnknown
15 Jul 1918 Two Of A KindUnknown
18 Jul 1918 Hey! Presto!Unknown
22 Jul 1918 Hello!Unknown
22 Jul 1918 On ChangeUnknown
29 Jul 1918 On The FrontierUnknown
5 Aug 1918 Down Devonshire WayUnknown
8 Aug 1918 Printer's PieUnknown
12 Aug 1918 The Pearl Of CashmereUnknown
15 Aug 1918 Rouge et NoirUnknown
19 Aug 1918 The Gay RiverUnknown
22 Aug 1918 All Change HereUnknown
26 Aug 1918 Rehearsing a RevueUnknown
29 Aug 1918 The Silvery SeaUnknown
2 Sep 1918 The Rose Of PicardyUnknown
5 Sep 1918 Pickwick at IpswichUnknown
9 Sep 1918 The Wide-Awake Sleep WalkerUnknown
12 Sep 1918 Ujah KerspiffUnknown
16 Sep 1918 The Emperor CommandsUnknown
19 Sep 1918 Should Auld AcquaintanceUnknown
4 Nov 1918 After DinnerUnknown
4 Nov 1918 After DinnerProfessional
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'The Stage' commented on 7 November 1918 that 'There is no doubt that [this play] exactly suits the taste of Stoke Newington.' The same article notes that some of the musical numbers will be changed on Thursday and that a new sketch is promised for Monday.
11 Nov 1918 Plum and AppleUnknown
18 Nov 1918 ThistledownUnknown
25 Nov 1918 SultanasUnknown
2 Dec 1918 ComplicationsUnknown
9 Dec 1918 NinepenceUnknown
16 Dec 1918 Derry-Down-DayUnknown