Great War Theatre

During the First World War just under 3000 new plays were written and licensed for performance across England, Scotland and Wales. Around one quarter of these dealt directly with the war. These plays have mostly been forgotten. However the scripts, their performances, and audience responses to them, offer a unique and unexplored insight into experiences of, and attitudes towards the Great War whilst it was taking place.

The Great War Theatre project is opening up these insights by uncovering the histories of these plays and of the men and women who wrote, staged and performed in them. By making our findings available on this website we aim to provide a unique, international resource where you can:

  • Explore detailed information on thousands of plays performed during the First World War across Scotland, England and Wales.
  • Learn about theatre’s role during the war.
  • Get Involved in this important project uncovering our lost theatrical and wartime past.

Please note that as Great War Theatre is an ongoing project, the database is constantly being added to by our volunteer and academic researchers. To find out more click here. 

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