Great War Theatre

The Project

To cite the project and web site as a whole please use the following format:

  • Brooks, Helen E. M. et al., Great War Theatre (, current date).

Subsequent citations might be shortened to:

  • Great War Theatre [or GWT].

Citing Scripts

If you wish to cite text from a play script, please include the author, script title, and date of licence. You also need to indicate the original British Library reference for the physical script. All of this information is included in the search results for each script. Please use the following format:

  • Foss, Kenelm, The Hem of the Flag, 10 Sep 1914, Great War Theatre, (,uk, 17 December 2017), British Library, LCP1914/29, MS. 66077F.

Subsequent citations to the same manuscript (consulted at the same time) could use a shortened form, such as:

  • Foss, Hem of the Flag, GWT, LCP1914/29.

Citing Historical Background Materials

If you wish to cite one of the pages from the Historical Background section of Great War Theatre, please ensure you include the name of the main author listed at the end of each entry. The citation should take the form of:

Subsequent citations to the same article could use a shortened form, such as:

  • “Spy Plays”, GWT.