Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

2 Aug 1915 In Time of WarProfessional
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Twice nightly. Mr. C. Watson Mill presents in its Etirety the Greatest and best of a lll the War Dramas, Entitled, "In Time of War." Shields Daily News - Friday 06 August 1915
30 Aug 1915 Joy - Sister of MercyProfessional
18 Oct 1915 St Elmo or The Saving Grace MaUnknown
1 Nov 1915 It's A Long Way To TipperaryProfessional
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First time in North Shields of this most Successful Domestic and Military Drama. Twice Nightly.
3 Jan 1916 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
20 Mar 1916 Mary from TipperaryProfessional
6 May 1916 Somebody Knows - Somebody CaresProfessional
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Twice nightly. Advertisement in Shields Daily News. Mrs. Frank Bateman and company.
3 Jul 1916 Brave Women Who WaitProfessional
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Twice nightly
11 Sep 1916 The Woman Pays - BackProfessional
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Twice nightly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Thursday and Friday "The Cotton Spinner". ('Shields Daily News', 13 September 1916, p. 1)
9 Oct 1916 Forty WinksUnknown
23 Oct 1916 In the PinkUnknown
30 Oct 1916 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
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Twice nightly.
13 Nov 1916 PalsProfessional
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T. Edward Ward's company in "Pals" and "Her Luck in London". ('The Era', 15 November 1916, p. 9)
11 Dec 1916 The SlackerProfessional
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The Shields Daily News, 12 December 1916, advertised twice nightly at the North Shields Theatre Royal ‘Fred J. Little’s new and powerful drama – “The Slacker” (the story of a modern Enoch Arden)’. ‘A play with a topical interest is being presented this week at the North Shields Theatre Royal, and good audiences last evening showed hearty appreciation. It is entitled “The Slacker, the Story of a Modem Enoch Arden," and a leading character is a young man employed in a munitions works. The plot is well constructed, and the drama has strong domestic and emotional interest, relieved by touches of amusing comedy. Mr Fred J. Little, who is responsible for the production, has secured a very capable company, including Mr E. Warden, Mr Dennis Leslie, Mr A. Tyndall, Mr Clarence H. Rayner, Mr Fred Lloyd, Mr Will Aynesworth, Mr Alfred Stone, Mr Fred Montgomery, Miss Maud Elliot, Miss Helene Moore, Miss Constance Carewe, and Miss Lily Harrold’ (Shields Daily News, 12 December 1916).
15 Dec 1916 The Fair One wth the Golden LocksUnknown
26 Dec 1916 Puss in BootsUnknown
10 Sep 1917 A Mother's PrayerUnknown
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Every true British heart thrills with pride in the achievements of our gallant navy. The lads in blue face hardship and danger with a courage that nothing can daunt. They are the boys who do and dare, and it is around this theme that Miss Eva Elwes, the gifted young dramatist has woven her latest play, "The Middy V.C. Comes Home". ('Shields Daily News', 8 September 1917, . 4)
24 Sep 1917 The Fishermaid of Old St MaloProfessional
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Twice nightly
7 Jan 1918 The Babes in the WoodUnknown
24 Jun 1918 Rationed In Three Qs Qs QsUnknown
1 Jul 1918 Mother’s Sailor BoyProfessional
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Performers: Dot Stephens Co
30 Sep 1918 The Love ChildProfessional
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The Shields Daily News, 28 September 1918 advertised next week at the Theatre Royal, North Shields, ‘A Play for Adults Only, “Neither Wife Nor Maid”’.
10 Feb 1919 Married on LeaveProfessional
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The Shields Daily News of Monday 10 February 1918 carried an advertisement for the North Shields Theatre Royal for Lew Lake’s presentation of ‘Dorothy Mullord and a powerful company in a new play “Married on Leave”. This play is “breaking” records everywhere’. Performances were twice nightly at 6.40pm and 8.40pm with no mention of matinées.
16 Jun 1919 When Our Lads Come Marching HomeProfessional
27 Nov 1922 The Love ChildProfessional
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‘Ernest R. Abbott’s Company is a household word on Tyneside, and although he has not visited North Shields since 1919, he and his popular company are assured of a hearty welcome. On Monday and Tuesday, “The Passions,” is bound to appeal to all classes of playgoers. No visit of this favourite company would be complete unless their always welcome version of “Sapho” was staged. It will occupy the bill on Wednesday and Thursday … On Friday and Saturday the problem play, “Neither Wife nor Maid,” will be presented, a play of absorbing interest’. The company included Ada Abbott, Edwin Keene, Ernest Foster, Flo Appleby and John Johnston (Shields Daily News, 25 November 1922). ‘ “Neither Wife nor Maid,” by Ada G. Abbott, will be produced on the last two nights of the week, and only adults will be admitted. The production of this great problem [play] will no doubt prove very attractive’ (Shields Daily News, 28 November 1922). Also mentioned in The Era, 30 November 1922.
15 Dec 1924 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Presented for the week with support of a local boys choir.
9 Feb 1925 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed for two weeks by Fred D'Albert's Repertoire Company.