Great War Theatre

Address: Nottingham, UK

Performances at this Theatre

26 Apr 1915 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
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'A capital example of that type of melodrama in which emotional interest is cleverly blended with spectacle' (Nottingham Evening Post, 27 April 1915)
24 May 1915 War and a Woman [Women and War]Professional
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Performers: FB Woulfe (actor), Villier Stanley (actor), Edith Lorraine (actress), Mabel Rose (actress) Played for a week
20 Sep 1915 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
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Performed by Ernest Vaughan, Edgar Morgan, Frank Eaglesfield, Ada Roscoe, Ellen Beverley, Madge Douglas.
20 Mar 1916 When Love Creeps In Your HeartProfessional
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Performed by Leonard Mortimer's company.
16 Apr 1916 Married Midst Shot And ShellProfessional
21 Jun 1916 The Soldier PriestProfessional
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Performers: Matthew H Glenville and Co. Reviews: "All the eligible men in the company have attested", Nottingham Evening Post
13 Nov 1916 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
12 Dec 1916 His Mother's Son V-CProfessional
12 Mar 1917 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
18 Jun 1917 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
25 Jun 1917 The Light that Leads Me HomeProfessional
24 Sep 1917 The Cottage GirlProfessional
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'Miss Eva Elwes, the authoress of the play, takes the principal role herself, and is supported by a talented company of players. The action takes place amid rural scenery, and some of the settings are of great beauty.' ('Nottingham Evening Post', 25 September 1917, p. 3)
29 Oct 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed for one week. Cast including: Charles Carter (actor) and Isa Steele (actress)
26 Dec 1917 Robinson CrusoeUnknown
4 Feb 1918 Girl MotherProfessional
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From the facile pen of Miss Eva Elwes, a dramatist of some repute, the production deals effectively with high life in London, and incidentally touches on the social problems of the hour. ('Nottingham Journal', 2 March 1918, p. 4)
18 Mar 1918 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home' on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
1 Apr 1918 When Our Lads Come Marching HomeProfessional
20 May 1918 Back to the Wife and Home [Home from the Trenches]Professional
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‘Topical drama is again the fare the Nottingham Grand Theatre next week, viz.: Mr. Arthur Jefferson’s latest production, “Home from the Trenches”. The characters include a pro- German profiteer, a shirker and a cad, a soldier who did his bit in the Boer War and five members of the Metropolitan Police’. Nottingham Journal, 18 May 1918. ‘Of war-time plays there is seemingly no end. Still, “Home from the Trenches”, which Mr. Will Glaze’s company brings to the Grand this week, is worthy of a place. Profiteers and shirkers are both much in evidence and duly discredited. Mr. B. Wilson interprets Corporal Devaison [sic, Dennison] with discrimination, and Miss Ada Oakley imparted the necessary sympathy and charm to the character of his hapless wife’. Nottingham Journal, 18 May 1918.
28 Oct 1918 Billy's MotherProfessional
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'The piece, which possesses many attractions out of the ordinary, is cleverly staged by Mr. W.H. Glaze's "standard" company....' ('Nottingham Journal', 29 October 1918, p. 3)
10 Mar 1919 Girl MotherProfessional
8 Sep 1919 Called UpProfessional
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Performed for the week.