Great War Theatre

Address: Sheffield, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Admiral's DaughterUnknown
24 Dec 1914 Dick WhittingtonUnknown
1 Mar 1915 Joy - Sister of MercyProfessional
23 Aug 1915 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
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THEATRE ROYAL. Patrons of this house gave a good reception to “The Little Grey Home in the West,” a new domestic play, by Mrs. F. G. Kimberley, which has been on the stage only three weeks. Its scenes carry us from the English country-side to the Wild West, and there are several thrilling' situations.' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 24 August 1915)
4 Oct 1915 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
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'a story admirably adapted for stage production' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 1 October 1915)
25 Dec 1915 Babes In The WoodUnknown
28 Feb 1916 Brave Women Who WaitProfessional
13 Mar 1916 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
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Betty Seymour played Flora Medwin ('Sheffield Daily Telegraph', 14 March 1916, p. 3)
15 Apr 1916 PalsProfessional
24 Apr 1916 The Love KissUnknown
29 May 1916 The Soldier PriestProfessional
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Performers: Matthew H Glenville and Co. Reviews:"distinctly above the average play of its kind", Sheffield Daily Telegraph.
19 Jun 1916 Joy - Sister of MercyProfessional
9 Oct 1916 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
27 Nov 1916 The Woman Pays - BackProfessional
11 Apr 1917 Brave Women Who WaitProfessional
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J.C.Carlyle's Company in Mrs F.G.Kimberley's recognised success. Brave Women Who Wait, or The Munition Girl's Love Story. Return visit to Sheffield last week proved another huge success. (The Era, 11th April 1917).
23 Apr 1917 The Cottage GirlProfessional
7 May 1917 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
25 Jun 1917 Mother’s Sailor BoyProfessional
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Performers: Dot Stephens Co
2 Jul 1917 Was the Marriage LegalProfessional
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‘Mr. Stanley Carlton’s company presents an entirely new drama, “Was the Marriage Legal?” at the Sheffield Theatre Royal, this week. Its surprising and thrilling situations appealed strongly to last night’s crowded audience’. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 3 July 1917.
6 Aug 1917 The Light that Leads Me HomeProfessional
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Performed by Frank Bateman and company
13 Aug 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed for one week.
20 Aug 1917 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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'The Middy V.C. Comes Home' is a highly sensational melodrama with a mildly topical flavour, played with the fervour necessary to enable such theatrical fare to make a quick appeal to a thrill-loving audience. ('Sheffield Independent', 21 August 1917, p. 3)
11 Mar 1918 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
13 May 1918 Girl MotherProfessional
8 Jul 1918 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home'
12 Aug 1918 Back to the Wife and Home [Home from the Trenches]Professional
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‘Next Week’s Amusements … “Home from the Trenches” is the title of the moral lesson play booked for the Theatre Royal’. Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 9 August 1918. ‘“Home from the Trenches” greatly interested a large audience last night at the Theatre Royal’. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 13 August 1918.
20 Sep 1918 IgnoranceUnknown
4 Nov 1918 When Our Lads Come Marching HomeProfessional
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Performers: Harry Foxwell (Company) Reviews: "an appreciative welcome was accorded", Sheffield Daily Telegraph " a capital company", Sheffield Independent
18 Nov 1918 The Queen and The KnaveProfessional
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Performed for the week at 7pm.
2 Dec 1918 Billy's MotherProfessional
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Play performed by 'one of Mr. W.H. Glaze's companies under the direction of Mr. F.E. Chabot' ('Sheffield Independent', 3 December 1918, p. 2)
24 Mar 1919 Our Lost LassProfessional
12 May 1919 Love's Young DreamProfessional
11 Nov 1919 The Female HunUnknown
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At the Theatre Royal, Mr. Walter Melville presents "The Female Hun." (Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Tuesday 11 November 1919)
3 May 1920 Should a Woman Forgive?Professional
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Performed by Will Casey and company.
15 Nov 1920 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
9 May 1921 His Wife’s Good NameProfessional
7 Aug 1922 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Re-opening after extensive decorations with Walter Howard's play.
27 Aug 1923 Seven Days LeaveProfessional