Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A It is the Only WayUnknown
N/A Back to the LifeUnknown
N/A Intern Them AllUnknown
18 Jan 1915 A Tight Rein [sic]Unknown
9 Mar 1915 The Swiss MaidUnknown
3 May 1915 There Was A King In FlandersUnknown
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Performed by Oswald Waller.
10 May 1915 CasteUnknown
11 Dec 1916 A La Carte (A new version)Unknown
24 Sep 1917 Saved By WirelessProfessional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
5 Nov 1917 Air BirdsUnknown
23 Sep 1918 Married on LeaveProfessional
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This performance (theatre and start date) is included in a list of forthcoming performances of “Married on Leave” in The Stage of Thursday 1 August 1918. The Era of Wednesday 18 September 1918 carried an advertisement for “Married on Leave” at the Balham Hippodrome [in the following week] at 6.15pm and 8.30pm with no mention of a matinée.