Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

25 Jan 1915 War and a Woman [Women and War]Unknown
10 May 1915 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
16 Aug 1915 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
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Twice nightly. Will H. Glaze presents his Great Problem Play ('Manchester Evening News', 16 August 1915, p. 1)
6 Sep 1915 All SmilesUnknown
20 Dec 1915 Her Day Of TriumphUnknown
24 Jan 1916 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
11 Sep 1916 Mother’s Sailor BoyProfessional
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"an interesting story, which appeared to give much pleasure to a large and enthusiastic audience", The Era. Performers: Dot Stephens (Rose Hardy), Muriel Marsden (Jack Dunstone), Dora Wynne (Beatrice Dunstone), H Cooper (Rear Admiral Sir J Hardy), V Gamon (Lieut Hampton), George Hazlehurst (Montague Beaumont), James Macintosh (Graham Starkey), Charles Buxton (Bob Crumpet), John Errol (Ben Diggle), G Vickers (Polly Cooksey)
18 Sep 1916 Should a Woman Forgive?Professional
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Performed by Will Casey and company.
14 Nov 1916 His Mother's Son V-CProfessional
27 Nov 1916 Heaven at The HelmProfessional
25 Jun 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed for one week. Described as having 'Strong patriotic appeal and shows many war incidents' (Manchester Evening News, 26 June 1917).
21 Jan 1918 Girl MotherProfessional
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Twice nightly
11 Feb 1918 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home'
16 Apr 1918 When Our Lads Come Marching HomeProfessional
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Performers: "Harry Foxwell's Company"
25 Nov 1918 Called UpProfessional
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This appears to be the first time the play was performed under the new title 'Coming Home'. It was performed from 25-30 November.
10 Mar 1919 Married on LeaveProfessional
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The Stage of Thursday 6 March listed “Married on Leave” as on tour at the Hippodrome, Salford from 10 March' and it included in ‘calls for next week’ ‘Lew Lake’s Married on Leave’ at the Salford Hippodrome. The Stage of Thursday 13 March 1919 reported that at the Royal Hippodrome, Salford ‘Lew Lake’s company present Married on Leave, with a cast including David J. Ealston [sic - Erlston], Laurie Potter, Daisey Willis, Herbert Pearson, Fred J. Carrol, and Rosa Beryle’.
8 Feb 1926 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed by the Broadhead Players with H. J. Clifford, Harry Benson, Douglas Ives, Edward Valentine, Gladys F. Howitt, Annie Saker, Madge Trevelyan and Charles Brandon.