Great War Theatre

Address: East Ham, London E6 3HN, UK

Performances at this Theatre

3 May 1915 Hullo! EverybodyUnknown
13 Sep 1915 The Man Who Wouldn'tProfessional
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The Stage, 9 September 1915, listed ‘Leo Stormont’s The Man Who Wouldn’t’ in Calls for Monday 13 September at the East Ham Palace. Similarly The Era, 8 September 1915.
20 Sep 1915 Gee We're BusyUnknown
10 Apr 1916 The Blue Room GirlUnknown
26 Feb 1917 In Answer to the AdUnknown
16 Apr 1917 The House Of The Five LanternsUnknown
30 Apr 1917 The House Of The Five LanternsProfessional
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Performed by Mary Mayfren and company. Also on the bill were: Florrie Ford, The Two Bobs, Frank and Vesta, Anna Martens, Five Keith Proctors, Harry Hasto, Carlton Trio, Ethel Newman.
4 Nov 1918 BiddyUnknown