Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

27 Nov 1914 Sir Roger De CoverleyUnknown
22 May 1916 Money For NothingProfessional
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Performed from 22 to 27 May 1916 by Billy Bernhardt, Florence Smithers, Nelly Turner, Iris Belshaw, Andy Clark, Phil Lester, Jimmy Hooper, and Annie Hill's dancers. Other acts on the same bill were Beano the Tramp (violinist), Mr. Lawson (dancing equilibrist), and Gaumont Graphic Pictures in a film showing how post gets to the Front
4 Dec 1916 JoylandProfessional
7 May 1917 Three CheersProfessional
8 Apr 1918 Nosey KnowsProfessional
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Performed for the week by Will Hay (actor), Dorothy Frostick (actress), Ethel Arden (actress), Nat Lewis (actor). ‘The productions of Fred Carno (sic - Karno) have attained a high pitch of popularity in Aberdeen, and those who have laughed merrily over The Hydro, The Mumming Birds, and Phew will find Nosey Knows, presented at His Majesty’s Theatre last night, as enjoyable as the best. It is as ingenious as it is mirthful, and the characters are marked, amid all their delicious absurdities, by a consistency rare in a farcical sketch. For example, Will Hay, in the title part, appears in many droll guises, but he preserves throughout the distinctive quality of a Paul Pry, sparing no effort to know all that is to be known about the business of other people, and turning that knowledge to his own profit without any qualms of conscience. Mr. Hay is a comedian of equal vivacity and versatility, and he actually contrived to spring several perfectly fresh jokes upon a delighted audience. It is perhaps the most rare of all experiences, and the house was warmly appreciative of the novelty! A host in himself, Mr Hay was efficiently supported by a clever company, and the jests at the vagaries of Government control lost nothing of their piquancy as they were delivered by Mr Jack Mann, Mr Nat Lewis, and the other comedians ... The diverting farce, into which the element of burlesque enters strongly, was preceded by two capital “turns” …’ (Aberdeen Evening Express, 9 April 1918)
21 Oct 1918 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Allan Jeayes (actor), Gilbert Heron (actor), Reginald J. Turner (actor), Haviland Burke (actor), St.John Medley (actor), Florence Helm (actress), Goodie Willis (actress), Fred Norman (actor), Florence Burns (actress) ''By Pigeon Post' had a big job to tackle...last night, coming as it did to a public sated with the humour of Gilbert and Sullivan. But though enthusiasm was less buoyant, it was none the less constantly evidenced, and if the house was not packed from floor to ceiling, it was at least well filled, and interest in the play, with its emotionally dramatic situations, was deepened by the very contrast with the delightful make-believe of the preceding fortnight...The play was well staged and had a gratifying reception from the audience. As has been said, the task was hard but it was more than modestly fulfilled.' (Aberdeen Press and Journal, 22 October 1918).
17 Feb 1919 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed for the week at 7.30pm with matinee Saturday at 2.15pm.
9 Mar 1920 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed for one night.
23 Mar 1923 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed on the Friday only by Martin Harvey. Other plays performed this week by Harvey include 'Via Crucis' (Mon-Thurs) and 'David Garrick' (Saturday).
6 Oct 1930 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional