Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Weak PointUnknown
N/A The Family FailingUnknown
N/A The Rich RelationUnknown
N/A The PicturesUnknown
N/A Nibs: A Canine ComedyUnknown
N/A Their Mutual FriendUnknown
N/A The Best PolicyUnknown
28 Sep 1914 The Parish PumpUnknown
5 Oct 1914 Choosing a HusbandUnknown
5 Oct 1914 The New ShylockUnknown
12 Oct 1914 The Devil's StarUnknown
2 Nov 1914 Over The WallUnknown
9 Nov 1914 The PlaythingUnknown
7 Dec 1914 Lucky PeterUnknown
3 Apr 1915 The Ladies SeminaryUnknown
13 Apr 1915 A Minute's WaitUnknown
20 Apr 1915 ShanwallaUnknown
24 Apr 1915 To-night's The NightUnknown
31 May 1915 Noblesse DirigeUnknown
31 May 1915 Home RuleUnknown
31 Jul 1915 Dark HorsesUnknown
16 Aug 1915 The Private life of P. C. PettiferUnknown
23 Aug 1915 ConvertsUnknown
6 Sep 1915 The Joan DanversUnknown
11 Oct 1915 DriftwoodUnknown
15 Nov 1915 The AntUnknown
10 Apr 1916 The Fourth ManUnknown
28 Aug 1916 BoodleUnknown
28 Aug 1916 GrandfatherUnknown
4 Sep 1916 Where is he?Unknown
18 Sep 1916 Love's Young DreamUnknown
2 Oct 1916 CongratulationsUnknown
16 Oct 1916 Bed RockUnknown
20 Nov 1916 The Ferriport ElectionUnknown
4 Dec 1916 A House of CardsUnknown
1 Oct 1917 The Saving GraceUnknown
8 Oct 1917 The FoundationsProfessional
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'John Galsworthy's play "The Foundations," judging from the reception locally accorded it, does not appeal to general playgoers.' "The Stage", 11 Oct 1917. Also on the bill "The Cat and the Cherub"
15 Mar 1918 Watson, Sherlock’s HolmesUnknown
9 Sep 1918 The BubbleUnknown
18 Nov 1918 The Farringdon CaseUnknown
31 Mar 1919 The TitleProfessional
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The Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser, 28 March 1919, advertised at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester, from Monday 31 March for two weeks the Vedrenne and Eadie Company, including Louie Pounds and Stanley Turnbull, in The Title by Arnold Bennett, preceded by Postal Orders by Roland Pertwee. ‘“The Title,” which is produced to Manchester audiences for the first time [at the Gaiety], is a sparkling comedy in which Arnold Bennett is seen at his best. The dialogues are simply brilliant, and having obtained such a first-rate subject as the dispensation of titles for his satyr, the author plays with it to the finest possible effect' (Manchester Evening News, 1 April 1919). ‘Arnold Bennett’s three-act comedy, “The Title,” delighted the patrons [at the Gaiety, Manchester] on Monday with its sarcastic references to titles and the home influence of the fair sex' (The Stage, 3 April 1919).