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Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The cottage girl is Jennie, the daughter of an honest ploughman, and the victim of the plots of the Squire's wicked wife, Lilah Lady Peel, and of her paramour the Squire's nephew. The brazen pair find out that Grey the gamekeeper to whom Jennie is betrothed is no other than the Squire's rightful heir, stolen at birth; and round this discovery they build an elaborate plot in which there figure attempts at swindling, at abduction, and at all sorts of other crimes. There is very little sense in any of their proceedings, which are no less preposterous than evil-disposed, and are of course doomed to easy defeat. They may, however, serve to interest quite innocently those able to enjoy primitive domestic melodrama; and the crude little play may safely be Recommended for Licence. Ernest A. Bendall. [In red ink below] In the manuscript I think the name Lady Peel needs change. There is certainly one going about well known and I think two. [In black ink below] 21/12/16 Characters will be referred to as Squire and Squire's Lady.

Licensed On: 23 Dec 1916

License Number: 657



British Library Reference: LCP1916/31

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66152 K


15 Jun 1916 Palace Theatre, Brierley HillProfessional
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Twice nightly (Dudley Chronicle 10 June 1916)
21 Dec 1916 Hippodrome, NuneatonUnknown Licensed Performance
1 Jan 1917 Metropole, AbertilleryProfessional
1 Jan 1917 Metropole, AbertilleryProfessional
8 Jan 1917 New Empire, AberdareProfessional
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Miss Eva Elwes presents her powerful Company in the new Play of English Country Life. Cast included Eva Elwes and L.E. Eykyn. ('Aberdare Leader', 5 February 1917)
8 Jan 1917 Empire, Mountain AshProfessional
12 Jan 1917 Grand Theatre, PentreProfessional
15 Jan 1917 Empire, PorthProfessional
20 Jan 1917 Olympia, TredegarProfessional
29 Jan 1917 Theatre Royal, MiddlesboroughProfessional
5 Feb 1917 Empire, Mountain AshProfessional
22 Feb 1917 Alexandra Theatre, HullProfessional
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'There is more simplicity and less strain in the play which is at this house this week than has been usual for some time past. Moreover, there is no allusion to the war and its problems, and no really deep-dyed villainy in the domestic circle. It is an English rural story, in which figure the red coats of the hunt, the squire, the villagers, and so forth.' ('Hull Daily Mail', 20 February, 1917 p. 3).
26 Feb 1917 Palace, NewcastleProfessional
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'A new play, dealing with English country life, entitled, "The Cottage Girl," by Eva Elwes, is the attraction at the Palace Theatre, and in the seven scenes through which the story runs humour and pathos are admirably blended. The authoress appears in the character of Ada Stack, the outcast ...' ('Newcastle Journal, 27 February 1917) Two performances per night
5 Mar 1917 Theatre Royal, LeedsProfessional
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Eva Elwes's company performed with Elwes playing the role of Ada Stack achieving 'something of a triumph in a rather difficult part'. ('The Stage', 8 March 1917) Two performances per night and matinee on Tuesday
12 Mar 1917 Prince's Theatre, BradfordProfessional
20 Mar 1917 Theatre Royal, CrookProfessional
26 Mar 1917 Gaiety Theatre, Houghton-Le-SpringProfessional
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Miss Eva Elwes' Co. ('The Stage', 29 March 1917)
2 Apr 1917 Theatre Royal, South ShieldsProfessional
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Miss Eva Elwes and Company in the new play of English country life. Two performances on Good Friday. ('Shields Daily News, 5 April 1917, p. 1)
11 Apr 1917 New Hippodrome, SpennymoorProfessional
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'Miss Eva Elwes presents her powerful company in "The Cottage Girl" ' (Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 11 April 1917)
16 Apr 1917 Her Majesty's Theatre, WalsallProfessional
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Her Majesty's Repertory Company of Talented Players. Twice nightly. ('Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle', 14 April 1917, p.4)
23 Apr 1917 Theatre Royal, SheffieldProfessional
2 May 1917 New Theatre Royal, CastlefordProfessional
8 May 1917 Palace theatre, BordesleyProfessional
16 May 1917 Theatre Royal, WolverhamptonProfessional
28 May 1917 Theatre Royal, SunderlandProfessional
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Performed twice nightly ('Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette', 30 May 1917, p. 1)
11 Jun 1917 Palace Theatre, GloucesterProfessional
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The 'Gloucester Journal' (16 June, 1917) notes 'taking the play as a whole, there is nothing novel in it, but it contains most of those thrilling incidents which go to make and interesting production.'
25 Jun 1917 Palace Theatre, RochdaleProfessional
9 Jul 1917 Hippodrome, HuddersfieldProfessional
18 Jul 1917 Grand Theatre, Stockton-on-TeesProfessional
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'Miss Eva Elwes, actress-authoress, is here in her new country drama, "The Cottage Girl".' ('The Era', 18 July 1917)
26 Jul 1917 King's Theatre, GatesheadProfessional
20 Aug 1917 Metropole, GlasgowProfessional
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'It is a new play dealing with country life, from the pen of Miss Eva Elwes, who also heads the list of players. The piece is one of a specially attractive nature, and among the scenes that of the Hunt Wedding affords good opportunity for spectacular effect. The interest never lags, and the story is cleverly presented.' ('Daily Record', 21 August, 1917)
27 Aug 1917 Star Theatre, ArmadaleProfessional
3 Sep 1917 Theatre Royal, CoatbridgeProfessional
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Performed by Miss Eva Elwes Company. In the first act there is 'a patriotic song entitled "The Boys of the H.L.I.".' ('Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser', 8 September 1917, p.4)
24 Sep 1917 Grand Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
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'Miss Eva Elwes, the authoress of the play, takes the principal role herself, and is supported by a talented company of players. The action takes place amid rural scenery, and some of the settings are of great beauty.' ('Nottingham Evening Post', 25 September 1917, p. 3)
1 Oct 1917 Elephant and Castle Theatre, LondonProfessional
15 Oct 1917 Theatre Royal, SmethwickProfessional
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Two performances per night plus Wednesday matinee ('Birmingham Daily Gazette', 18 October 1917, p. 4)
23 Oct 1917 Theatre Royal, AstonProfessional
31 Oct 1917 Hippodrome, BilstonProfessional
12 Nov 1917 Palace, DerbyProfessional
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A review in the 'Derby Daily Telegraph' (13 November 1917) notes that 'Miss Eva Elwes, the authoress ... is herself appearing at this theatre this week in another of her own productions, "The Cottage Girl".' Elwes plays the part of Ada Stack, the Cottage Girl's mother.
17 Dec 1917 Palace Theatre, RedditchProfessional
24 Dec 1917 Gaiety Theatre, BirminghamProfessional
31 Dec 1917 Palace Theatre, BarnoldswickProfessional
7 Jan 1918 Theatre Royal, LeicesterProfessional
14 Jan 1918 Victoria Theatre, LyeProfessional
18 Feb 1918 Royal Palace, LiverpoolProfessional
25 Feb 1918 Grand Theatre, FalkirkProfessional
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Elwes played the part of Ada Stack, the outcast, and Mr L.E. Eykyn played the part of the squire. "There was a large audience at the first performance of the week, and the company then showed considerable talent within the scope of a play like 'The Cottage Girl', in which emotions and characteristics are painted with a broad brush." (Falkirk Herald, 27 February 1918)
25 Feb 1918 Theatre Royal, BristolProfessional
1 Oct 1923 Prince's Theatre, BlackburnProfessional
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Howard and Stewart's repertory company ('The Stage', 4 October 1923, p. 4)
6 Feb 1924 Palace Theatre, PolesworthProfessional
24 Jun 1926 Theatre Royal, OldhamProfessional
21 Nov 1927 Theatre Royal, West BromwichProfessional
28 Nov 1927 Opera House, DudleyProfessional
15 Aug 1929 Olympia, BulwellProfessional
24 Jan 1938 Hippodrome, PrestonProfessional