Great War Theatre

Address: Liverpool, UK

Performances at this Theatre

12 Aug 1915 The Little ManProfessional
5 Mar 1917 The Bing Boys Are HereProfessional
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‘“The Bing Boys Are Here.” The elaborate extravaganza from the Alhambra possesses in a combined form some of the most agreeable attributes of musical comedy and revue. Yet, by the same token, it is not free from the vapid vanities of both forms of theatrical production. The blemishes, however, are rather of minor importance, and “The Bing Boys” may be regarded as a well-knit, smartly-written, and artistically-staged series of incidents, in which a merry round of song and dance is kept going throughout seven scenes ... Altogether the production is not one to be missed by those who like this particular form of irrepressible entertainment’. Liverpool Daily Post, 6 March 1917.
11 Mar 1918 Betty at BayUnknown
27 May 1918 The Hidden HandUnknown
27 May 1918 The Hidden HandProfessional
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Cast: Jesse Winter, Saba Raleigh, Maud Shelton, Molly Terraine, William Stack, Michael Sherbrooke, Stanley Drewitt, D Lewin Mannering, Leonard Shepherd, Kenneth Kent, George Lestocq, James Howard, Lionel Wilson, Howard Ringe, Horace James, Alexander Lubimoff, Frederick Boyce. 'a propaganda play, and its mission will be to assist the sale of War Bonds; while it is also hoped that it will prove a strong deterrent to strikes among war-workers, and generally brace up the nation to bring every ounce to bear on the winning of the war.' ( Aberdeen Press and Journal, 27 May 1918).
10 Apr 1923 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed for the night as part of the company's visit to the theatre this week.