Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Great SacrificeUnknown
N/A The Black Sheep Of The FamilyUnknown
N/A The Man She BoughtUnknown
3 Dec 1914 Only An IsraeliteUnknown
5 Dec 1914 Queen Of My HeartUnknown
4 Jan 1915 Three Little BritonsUnknown
2 Aug 1915 The Broken RosaryUnknown
21 Oct 1915 When the Angelus is RingingUnknown
27 Dec 1915 The Love ChildProfessional
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The Stage, 23 December 1915, listed Neither Wife Nor Maid as On Tour from 27 December at the Royal, Stratford. ‘“Neither Wife Nor Maid” is being played at the Theatre Royal, Stratford, Matinee, to-morrow, at 2’ (The People, 26 December 1915).
3 Apr 1916 Somewhere A Heart Is Breaking [The Coward Who Made Good]Professional
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The Stage, 6 April 1916, published a review of Somewhere A Heart Is Breaking by Ivan P. Gore, produced by Miss Winifred Maude (under the direction of Mr. Victor du Cane) at the Royal, Stratford. The cast was as follows: Gen. Sir Philip Moore … Will White Gaynor Carton … Theophilus Charlton Dick Moore … Cyril Page Inspector Timothy Trim … Victor du Cane Sergt. Simeon Breeve … Hal Wellfox Police Constable … Will Manton A Servant … George Ross Dolores Wilbur … Freda Beckett Penelope Trim … Winnie Crichton Ruth Staveley … Winifred Maude 'Produced at the Royal, Leigh, on March 27, Somewhere a Heart is Breaking made its initial appearance in the Metropolitan area on Monday at Mrs. C. Ellis-Frederick’s Angel Lane house. Ivan P. Gore, the author, has constructed a capital play, full of movement and interest. There are plenty of strong scenes, with an excellent leavening of comedy ... [the plot is described] ... A capital representation is given by the company concerned. Mr. Cyril Page, although obviously suffering with a catarrhal affection [sic] on the night of our visit, gave a virile impersonation of Dick Moore. The Gaynor Carton of Mr. Theophilus Charlton is a fine exposition of suave, calculating villainy. Mr. Victor du Cane is a popular figure as Inspector Timothy Trim, and scores in the various comic passages. He is supported by the Sergt. Breeve of Mr. Hal Wellfox. Miss Winifred Maude acts with sympathy and charm as the sorely-tried Ruth. Miss Winnie Crichton submits an amusing character study of Inspector Trim’s wife, Penelope. Dolores Wilbur is depicted in lurid colours by Miss Freda Beckett. Subsidiary parts are undertaken by Messrs. Will Manton (constable) and George Ross (a servant). Somewhere a Heart is Breaking was favourably received on the night of our visit, and promises to prove a welcome addition to Mr. Victor du Cane’s melodramatic repertory’.
19 Nov 1917 The Love ChildProfessional
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The People, 18 November1917, advertised Neither Wife Nor Maid at the Theatre Royal, Stratford, from the following Monday; and The Era, 21 November 1917, listed both Neither Wife Nor Maid and Sapho as On The Road from 19 November at the T.R., Stratford.
18 Feb 1918 Love And The LawUnknown
26 Mar 1918 Tainted GoodsUnknown
2 Sep 1918 The Plaything [Plaything of an Hour]Unknown
2 Sep 1918 Back to the Wife and Home [Home from the Trenches]Professional
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Home From The Trenches is on tour 2 September at R., Stratford. The Stage, 29 August and 5 September 1918..
4 Nov 1918 Childless WivesUnknown
11 Nov 1918 Back From OverseasProfessional
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Venue and date mentioned in advertisements in The Stage, 27 June 1918 and in The Era, 18 September.
18 Nov 1918 IgnoranceProfessional
27 Feb 1922 The Love ChildProfessional
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Ernest R. Abbott's company performed Wife In Name Only and Woman And Her Master at the Theatre Royal, Stratford, in the week beginning 13 February. They returned two weeks later: ‘Mr. Ernest R. Abbott’s company return after only a week’s absence, and are presenting “Neither Wife Nor Maid,” except to-morrow (Friday), when a new drama “Hearts and Homes” will be staged. In. the former piece Miss Ada Abbott plays the unhappy heroine with her customary effect, though she has fewer opportunities to show versatility in this role, which is throughout a mournful one. Mr. John Johnston is a cheerful Saunders with a trained dog, who soon becomes popular. Mr. Edward Wensbury is a sufficiently malevolent Steve. Miss Nellie Crowther is a bright little Tommy, and Miss Stella Foster imparts humour to her scenes with Mr. J. B. Stewart as a pair of conventional comic servants. Mr. Ernest A. Foster is a quiet Lord Kingdon, and Mr. Edward Fryer a somewhat stilted parson. Miss Margaret Dickenson plays Lady Rose, and others who appear include Miss Viola Jennings, a firm Dowager, and Miss Isabel Singleton, as the housekeeper’. The Stage, 2 March 1922.
20 Nov 1922 Called UpProfessional
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Performed this week: ‘Mr. E. Vivian Edmonds remains at the Royal with his company this week and the programme comprises Coming Home, The Third Man, and The Daughter of a Thief, each being played for two nights. On Monday Coming Home had a capital interpretation, Mr. Edmonds scoring once again as Reggie Travers, into which part he was able to put much humour as well as some sound acting on more dramatic lines. Miss Hettie Hewitt played wistfully as the downtrodden Mary, and was well contrasted by the bold Rhoda of Miss Phyllis Orme and the droll Lillian Alice of Miss Eva Reed. Miss Lizzie Gordon was also well cast as Matilda. Mr. J. E. Reed was a conventional villain as Smith. The joyous natures of Bill and Eric were, fittingly shown by Mr. Jack Armitage and Mr Fred Carrol. Mr. David Day playing Billy, and Mr. A. Sanders appearing as Butterworth. The excellent study of Hargreaves by Mr. Ernest C. Edwards deserves special mention’ (Stage, 23 November 1922)