Great War Theatre

Address: West Street, London, Camden, WC2H 9ND, England

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Little BrotherUnknown
N/A The Spy At The ChateauUnknown
N/A The Man Who Married a Dumb WifeUnknown
N/A Honour Among ThievesUnknown
N/A The Three Daughters Of Monsieur DupontUnknown
N/A GonzagueUnknown
N/A English SchoolUnknown
N/A A Question UnansweredUnknown
N/A Pell MellUnknown
N/A The Taxi VarletUnknown
12 Oct 1914 L'IngenueUnknown
16 Oct 1914 From LouvainProfessional
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Performed by a mixed cast of French, Belgian and British actors. Reviews were mixed and the sketch was replaced from Monday 2 November by Harry Grattan's 'The Plumbers'. 'The incidents of which were far too near certain hideous realities of the hour to be suitable, as yet, for presentation in a theatre' (Pall Mall Gazette, 17 October 1914) 'Of the triple bill on which Mr. C. B. Cochran is relying the Ambassadors', supported by a company made up French. Belgian, and English performers, the most topical item, From Louvain” is the most negligible. Not even the good acting Miss Esme Beringer and Mr Tresahar can make M. E. Young’s would-be horrors convincing' (Illustrated London News, 24 October 1914). 'Although the war episode [...] was well written and capably acted, we hold that this kind of play is not wanted just now. The theatre's chief purpose is to take us out of ourselves and to offer some relief from war's obsession. 'From Louvain' with its story of death and desolation, simply brings the newspaper into the theatre, and that is just what we do not want.' (Globe, 17 October 1914)
16 Oct 1914 Odds And EndsProfessional
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Performed on the first night of a 'British-French-Belgian' season produced by Charles Cochrane at the Ambassadors. A mixed programme including an English and a French play alongside 'Odds and Ends' 'in which Mr Harry Grattan, the inventor, managed to utilise the services of every member of the company - and proved an enjoyable affair' (Globe, 17 October 1914). It included dancing by Joan Carroll; a series of turns supposed to be represented by hosts and refugees at the Theatre Royal Back Drawing Room; a scene in which an old French sailor tells 'young France' what homeland and honour mean; the singing of Your King and Country Need you' by Mdlle Delysia, as La Belle France; imitations of Lily Brayton; a scene showing French and British men in the trenches; a 'disrobing' pantomime by Delysia; and 8 Grecian Maids dancing.
17 Oct 1914 From LouvainUnknown
2 Nov 1914 Ki-musumeUnknown
2 Nov 1914 A Mistaken IdentityUnknown
28 Nov 1914 La Fille Bien GardéeUnknown
1 Dec 1914 Le HomardUnknown
22 Mar 1915 Dinner for EightUnknown
25 Mar 1915 Dinner for EightProfessional
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Performed prior to 'Odds and Ends'
21 Apr 1915 Oh DearProfessional
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Performed by the Japanese company of Madame Hanako. The set was also painted by the company.
3 May 1915 Dieu! Que Les Hommes Sont Betes!Unknown
15 Jun 1915 More Odds and Ends / MoreUnknown
18 Jun 1915 More Odds and Ends / MoreProfessional
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This was the delayed premiere of the play. On 28 October a 'second edition' of the play replaced the first.
28 Dec 1915 Here We AreUnknown
18 Jan 1916 Doris and her friendsUnknown
14 Jul 1916 VoilaUnknown
25 Jul 1916 Verdun Le BraveUnknown
16 Mar 1917 La Pomme D'OrUnknown
16 Mar 1917 ClassUnknown
2 Apr 1917 Black MagicUnknown
30 Apr 1917 £150.00Unknown
15 May 1917 A PairUnknown
5 Mar 1918 Happiness Co. LtdProfessional
25 Nov 1918 U.S.Unknown
28 Nov 1918 U.S.Professional
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The show ran at the Ambassadors' Theatre until 28th June 1919. The cast included Lee White, Clay Smith, Bert Coote, Bob Cory, Monte Wolfe, Betty (child actress) and The Eclair Twins (duettists).
28 Nov 1918 U.S.Professional
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Described in The Stage Yearbook 1919 as a "song-show, songs written and selected by Clay Smith, R. P. Weston, Bert Lee and others, staged by J.W. Jackson."
2 Nov 1925 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed for three weeks only prior to Martin-Harvey's Canadian tour.

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