Great War Theatre

Address: Manchester, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Star EngagementUnknown
N/A A 'Change Of Tactics'Unknown
14 Sep 1914 For FranceUnknown
16 Nov 1914 To The Day [My Friend, Thomas Atkins]Unknown
30 Nov 1914 To The Day [My Friend, Thomas Atkins]Professional
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The name of the play was changed to "My Friend, Tommy Atkins"
21 Dec 1914 KulturUnknown
21 Dec 1914 KulturProfessional
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Kultur played at this theatre for 3 weeks until 23rd January 1915. Cast: Georgina Milne (Annette Bovis), J B Butler (Monsieur Bovis), Marie Kildare (Helene Schwartz), Cecil du Gue (Otto Schwartz), Oliver Rogers (The Burgomaster), Herbert Brooklyn (General Bisfurth), Ellis Holland (Dudley Howard), Unity Webb (English Officer), F G Carrilo (Uhlan Officer), E Chester (Belgian Priest), T E Buxton (Belgian Priest), E Lawson (German Officer), E Austin (French Officer), Dick Harcourt (France), Hyam Fay (actor), C Eugud (actor).
15 Feb 1915 Divorce While You WaitUnknown
22 Feb 1915 Der TagProfessional
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Performed by Morrison McKinnel (actor), Lilian Braithwaite (actress). ''Der Tag', considering that a great name is attched to it, fell rather short of expectations.' (Manchester Evening News, 23 February 1915)
28 Jun 1915 L'Amoureux De Carton or Le Mannequin Amoureux [Le Mannequin Amourena]Unknown
30 Aug 1915 When Two Hearts Are WonUnknown
30 Aug 1915 The Way to WinProfessional
1 Nov 1915 SpotsUnknown
29 Nov 1915 There We Are - Aren't WeUnknown
25 Dec 1915 The PostmistressUnknown
26 May 1916 Telling the TruthUnknown
26 Jun 1916 FrolicsUnknown
28 Aug 1916 The Great Redding Street BurglaryProfessional
12 Mar 1917 Pro PatriaProfessional
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Cast led by Mrs Patrick Campbell. Described by the Manchester Evening News (13 March 1917) as 'chiefly notable for the opportunities it gives to Mrs Patrick Campbell to display her distinguished talents'.
10 Sep 1917 Married Midst Shot And ShellProfessional
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Performed in repertoire with 'The Unexpected Wife' and 'The Three Mothers'.
1 Oct 1917 My AmericaUnknown
25 Feb 1918 Flying ColoursProfessional
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At the Manchester Hippodrome ‘That exceeding likeable character, immortalised by Captain Bairnsfather as “Old Bill,” is portrayed with penetrative zest by Mr. Harry Thurston, and the sketch is a most enjoyable one’. Manchester Evening News, 26 February 1918.
16 Dec 1918 Called UpProfessional
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Performed 16-21 December.
6 Jan 1919 The Lads of the VillageProfessional
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A return visit with Bob Stevens, Wilbert Gambel, C. Lawrence Gosling, Emmie King and Frederick Maxwell as the villain.