Great War Theatre

Address: Golders Green, London NW11 8BT, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Electric Car ConductorUnknown
7 Sep 1914 A Call to ArmsUnknown
15 Mar 1915 Menari, the Malay Dancing MaidUnknown
3 May 1915 MaUnknown
3 May 1915 The Eleventh HourUnknown
7 Jun 1915 IfUnknown
28 Jun 1915 Moving InUnknown
12 Jul 1915 Next PleaseUnknown
26 Jul 1915 The Women Who WorkedUnknown
2 Aug 1915 Buying A BabyUnknown
30 Aug 1915 Another Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The cast included: Frank Haytor (The Man), Edith Clifton (The Wife), Winnie Hoyt (of the Ladies' Club), Gerald Pearce (The Soldier)
25 Oct 1915 The King's MinisterUnknown
22 Nov 1915 Selling A SongUnknown
27 Dec 1915 Twinkling, Twinkling Little StarsUnknown
28 Feb 1916 The Cockney SportUnknown
16 Oct 1916 A. E. 24Unknown
25 Jul 1918 The Land O' DreamsUnknown
24 Feb 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
3 Mar 1919 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
18 Aug 1919 General PostProfessional
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Cast including Arthur Pitt, Amy Ravenscroft, Geoffrey Webe, Grace Sweeting, Chas. J. Barber, Vernon Sylvaine, and Fred De Vere.
29 Sep 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Performed by Percy Hutchinson's 'principal company'.
28 Jun 1920 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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Performed for the week by Gerald Alexander's Company.
18 Dec 1922 General PostProfessional
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Performed twice nightly. Mr Gerald Alexander presents his West-End Company.
12 Feb 1927 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed for one night as part of a week's repertoire by the company.