Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Big RaceUnknown
7 Sep 1914 The Day ("Der Tag")Unknown
21 Sep 1914 A Call to ArmsProfessional
11 Jan 1915 The Missing LinkUnknown
19 Apr 1915 A Mummy For MoneyUnknown
24 May 1915 Set a ThiefUnknown
23 Aug 1915 The MannequinUnknown
31 Jan 1916 Too LateProfessional
17 Apr 1916 Caught in a StormUnknown
30 Oct 1916 The Week-EndUnknown
5 Mar 1917 Love and WarUnknown
20 Mar 1917 Chelsea on Tip-ToeUnknown
20 Apr 1917 Grand-DadProfessional
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"On Friday afternoon, in connection with the Chelsea branch of the Navy League, and in aid of the naval training ships on the Thames and prizes for naval history in local schools, a charity matinee was given at Chelsea Palace". "The main theme of the playlet was to show that through the ages the spirit of Nelson and Drake still lives on and is to-day the dominant spark in the hearts of our sailors. [...] After the fall of curtain there were calls for the authors and Mrs Steel addressed few remarks to the assembly" "Chelsea News & General Advertiser" 27 April 1917.
20 Apr 1917 Grand-DadUnknown
10 Sep 1917 The Doctor’s DuelUnknown
21 Jan 1918 Flying ColoursProfessional
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The Chelsea News and General Advertiser, 18 January 1918, advertised at the Chelsea Palace from Monday 21 January ‘Captain Bruce Bairnsfather presents Harry Thurston in his original character of “Old Bill” the Walrus, in “The Johnson ‘Ole”’.
22 Apr 1918 Blind Man's BluffUnknown
20 May 1918 Make BelieveUnknown
9 Dec 1918 Lift, Sir?Unknown