Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
18 Jan 1915 Passing Events Professional
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Peformed for the week. On the first night the show did not end until 11.30pm (Yorkshire Evening Post, 19 January 1915). Performed by R. H. Douglass and Kitty Colyer.
6 Mar 1916 Too Late Professional
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It is not long since 'War Mates' the fierce little play against strikes in war-time, was here, and 'Too Late' which has been seen at the Leeds Empire this week, so much suggests a companion sermon that it was interesting to learn that its author had never seen 'War Mates' when he wrote it. ...Remembering what I was told about occasional protests from pit or gallery against the uncompromising propaganda of 'War Mates', I asked whether the 'Too Late' company had had any similar experience. They haven't but they remembered 'hear-hears' by female voices which went to show how much truth there was in the sketch-portrait of the working wife who, in some poor households, supplies all the foresight and does all the saving that ever is done, and does in secret and in fear' (Yorkshire Evening Post, 11 March 1916)
2 Apr 1917 The Frenchwoman Professional
16 Apr 1917 Follow the Flag Professional
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Miss Grace Gordon who appears in the new revue, "Follow the Flag," at the Leeds Empire next week. Her scene is one of the most diverting episodes of modern revue comedy. (Leeds Mercury - Friday 13 April 1917)
16 Apr 1917 Follow the Flag Professional
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The Moss Empires production "Follow the Flag" is being presented. The comedians, including that clever artist Walter Passmore, have only the slenderest of material to work upon. From a spectacular point of view the show rises above the average. The singing of Rosie Reys is very pleasing. (The Stage - Thursday 19 April 1917)
23 Apr 1917 Joyland Professional
30 Apr 1917 Three Cheers Professional
22 Oct 1917 Inside the Lines Professional
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5 matinees only
7 Jan 1918 Airs And Graces Professional
4 Feb 1918 Nosey Knows Professional
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Performed for the week by George Hestor (actor), Dorothy Frostick (actress), Ethel Arden (actress), Marie Ellis (actress), Nab (sic - Nat) Lewis (actor).
3 Jun 1918 Rations Professional
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‘There is no rationing of fun at the Empire, where Robb Wilton, the principal comedian in Fred Karno’s revuette, “Rations,” provides plenty of good comedy. He is ably supported by Winnie Collins and others. The scenes include “The Meatless Butcher” and “Tank Day,” which provide a medley of mirth, music, and colour’. Leeds Mercury, 4 June 1918.
10 Jun 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
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New cast with Tubby Edlin taking the lead role. 'Revised, rebuilt and recast ... its more subtle qualities have disappeared' (Yorkshire Evening Post, 11th June 1918).
1 Jul 1918 Three Cheers Professional
19 Aug 1918 Airs And Graces Professional
26 Aug 1918 The Woman of Louvain Professional
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Performed by: Mary Mayfren Reviews: "a powerful sketch"
27 Jan 1919 Ocean Waves Professional