Great War Theatre

Address: Newport, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Burning ForestUnknown
29 Mar 1915 All EyesUnknown
31 May 1915 The FrenchwomanProfessional
27 Mar 1916 For Those In PerilProfessional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
6 Nov 1916 Story of the Willow Pattern PlateUnknown
30 Apr 1917 JoylandProfessional
14 Jan 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
29 Jun 1918 The Woman of LouvainProfessional
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Performed by:Mary Mayfren Other acts on bill: Variety acts: Jack Lane, Rosie Reys, Edie Veno
18 Nov 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional