Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Cheer UpUnknown
N/A The Fair LadyUnknown
8 Mar 1915 Der TagProfessional
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Performed by Norman McKinnel (actor), Lilian Braithwaite (actress), W.H. Broughton (actor), Cyril Reymond (actor).
29 Mar 1915 The Contemptible Little Army: An Episode of the Great European War of 1914Professional
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Leslie Stiles presents the popular comedian Lauderdale Maitland and Janet Alexander. Supported by Raymond Wood and West End Co. in dramatic war episode entitled "The Contemptible Little Army" an answer to the Kaiser's Message to his Troops. (Edinburgh Evening News - Wednesday 31 March 1915)
25 Oct 1915 Ladies FirstProfessional
6 Dec 1915 La Revue TricoloreProfessional
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Previewed in The Scotsman, 4 December 1915, which mentioned that Jean Fabert was badly wounded at Marne, Jaques Lerner was severely wounded serving with the 22nd Stretcher Bearers, and Leo Darly served as a Red Cross nurse and was wounded when the hospital at Luchon St Luc was bombarded by the Germans and three of her colleagues were killed. An advertisement in the Edinburgh Evening News, 4 December 1915, listed the same ‘Synopsis of Scenery’ as had appeared in The Daily Record, 27 November 1915, except that the Mad Skater, M. Gayto, was included in the penultimate scene with The Periscope. ‘The Moulin Rouge Revue at the King’s Theatre is a novelty, and last night both performances had crowded attendances. While French predominates, there is sufficient English to enable the audience as a whole to follow the production intelligently. The characteristic feature is light and airy dancing; the vocalism, solo and concerted, is of good quality; and there are several pretty stage effects. There is an ample vein of comedy, and a particularly amusing item is the endeavour of a Highland soldier with an English accent, and a little French milliner, to express through the medium of an inadequate phrase-book, the thoughts that burned within them. That they succeeded in arriving at an understanding is no credit to the phrasebook’ (Edinburgh Evening News, 7 December 1915).
6 Mar 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'HonneurProfessional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt, M Normand, Madame Mea, Mlle Seylor, M Denebourg.
21 Oct 1916 The Newsboy's DreamUnknown
23 Oct 1916 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Presented by George Grossmith and Edward Laurillard: Ralph Roberts' comedy sketch performed for the week by cast including Harry Buss: 'The humorous side of trench life is portrayed in a delightful sketch' (Sunday Post, 22 October 1916). 'Realistic in setting, the sketch affords a glimpse of the lighter moments of life in the trenches....The reproduction of a trench is an effective piece of stagecraft. There are the familiar dugouts and sand-bag parapets, with No Man's Land forming the background. Half-a-dozen begrimed Tommies man the trench, and Harry Buss, as Joe Higgins, takes the part of the humourist of the section. Somewhat unorthodox as a soldier, he is a success as a laughter-producer....The sketch was received last night with much favour' (Scotsman, 24 October 1916)
15 Nov 1917 Charwomen and the War or The Old Lady Shows Her MedalsProfessional
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Producer - Dion Boucicault
11 Mar 1918 Inside the LinesProfessional
29 Apr 1918 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional
26 Jun 1918 A Bit KissAmateur
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The only mention of the play being performed is given in reports of a charity performance in aid of both the Edinburgh War Hospital (Bangour) Entertainment Committee and the Edinburgh Children's Holiday Scheme. 'A Bit Kiss' and 'His Lady Friend' were performed to a full house by 'a company of well-known local artistes under the efficient stage managership of Mr Graeme Goring' (Edinburgh Evening News, 27 June 1918). It was somethnig of a tradition for the King's Theatre to open its Wedensday afternoon doors to amateur dramatic societies in Edinburgh to put on entertainments usually for charity or the funding of other productions. Performed alongside these two pieces were 'Cash On Delivery' (First Act only: performed by Mr Seymour Hicks and his professional touring cast who were in residence for that week in the Kings Theatre), 'His Lady Friend', Singers Miss Goldie-Scott and Singer Eric Masters, musical accompaniment and intervals by the Craiglockhart Orchestra, (its members were drawn from patients and staff of the hospital. Two of it's most famous patients, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon would have known members of the orchestra but had returned to active service by this date.)
26 Jun 1918 His Lady FriendProfessional
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Performed as part of a charity matinee at 2pm on Wednesday 26th June. Mr Seymour Hicks performed alongside well-known local performers. On the bill were 'His Lady Friend' and 'A Bit Kiss'
5 Aug 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918Professional
28 Oct 1918 Inside the LinesProfessional
4 Aug 1919 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Baliol Holloway (actor), Florence Helm (actress), Gilbert Hexon (actor), Reginald J. Turner (actor) Arthur Hardy (producer)
24 Nov 1919 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional
22 Mar 1920 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
22 Aug 1921 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional