Great War Theatre

Address: Plymouth, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Officer's MessUnknown
N/A A Romantic EpisodeUnknown
15 Mar 1915 Passing EventsProfessional
3 May 1915 Say! SportUnknown
21 Jun 1915 This Is The LifeUnknown
19 Jul 1915 Lucky JimUnknown
26 Jul 1915 Mustard and CressUnknown
9 Aug 1915 The Lady-BirdsUnknown
10 Apr 1916 TotoUnknown
2 Oct 1916 JoylandProfessional
6 Nov 1916 The Bing Boys Are HereProfessional
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'We understand the advance booking for next week at the Royal has beaten everything since “Peter Pan,” which still holds the record. There are yet, we are informed, several seats which can be reserved and intending patrons would be well advised to apply for them at the earliest moment ... With a first class company, full chorus, and augmented orchestra “The Bing Boys” will be seen in Plymouth at their best’. Western Morning News, 4 November 1916.
8 Oct 1917 On the RocksUnknown
26 Nov 1917 Inside the LinesProfessional
26 Dec 1917 CinderellaUnknown
4 Feb 1918 The Porter of Hell: A Drama of 1914Amateur
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This play was "specially written" as part of a large fund-raising revue called "Take Cover" to raise money for Devonport and District Day Nursery Review: "it is written by Lt.-Col. Drury with fine dramatic power, and acted perfectly, and created last evening a deep impression.", Western Morning News
22 Apr 1918 The Purple MaskUnknown
1 Jul 1918 The Test KissUnknown
16 Sep 1918 The Officer's MessProfessional
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Cast included: Dorice Garman (Phoebe), Elsie Stevens (Mary), Morgan (Joan), Roger Livesey (Tommy), Harry Cole (Hoskins), Goulgh[?] (Ivy Chaldis), Herbert Sparting[?] (Major Bramsgrave, Eric Maturn[? ](Captain Hardcastle), Ralph Lynn (Lieutenant Turnbull), Barring[?] (Phyllis), Loran[?](Esme), Dorothy Cecil (Sadie), Lorna[? ]D? (Angela) Watt[?] (Peggy), Graham (Babs), Murray Moore (Philip Bolton), Betty Ward (Mrs Makepeace), Boyd[?] (Augustus Tinkerton).
25 Oct 1920 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
2 Jun 1922 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Flying matinee.
1 Jun 1925 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed by the Alfred Denville Stock company in a 'special revival' twice nightly at 6.40 and 8.45.
23 Jun 1930 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Starring Miss Annie Saker