Great War Theatre

Address: Walham Green, London SW6 2AF, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A Self-Defence Unknown
N/A The Best Man Unknown
9 Nov 1914 Saved By Wireless Professional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
14 Dec 1914 Alias Irish Tessie Unknown
29 Mar 1915 The Peril In Our Midst Professional
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Performed for the week, twice nightly at 6.20 and 9.10pm, by Miss Sylvia Cavalhe and Mr Clifford Pembroke.
21 Jun 1915 Arf A Crown A Day Unknown
15 Aug 1915 A Dear Old Soul Unknown
18 Oct 1915 One O' Kitcheners Professional
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Performed from 18 to 23 October by Shirley and Ransome.
20 Dec 1915 Two Sharps in a Flat Unknown
26 Mar 1917 The Strike Unknown
23 Jul 1917 Opkins On Fatigue Professional
6 Aug 1917 Back to Blighty Professional
10 Sep 1917 The Frenchwoman Professional
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Mary Mayfren and Company
24 Dec 1917 Saved By Wireless Professional
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Gilbert Heron and company
11 Mar 1918 A Cushy Job Professional
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Advertised in The Era, 13 March 1918: ‘Screams and four or five Real Curtains each House … “A Cushy Job” is a big drawing power now, and that is what you want. Ilford, Surrey, Shoreditch and the Granville tell the Tale. People will go to Halls where they can laugh. This is a Trump Card for Military and Munition areas'. Also, ‘“A Cushy Job” is causing shrieks at the Granville this week, and taking four or five curtains each house ... The funny dance between Fanny Wallace and Howard Law in this playlet gets one of the longest laughs on record’ (The Era, 13 March 1918).
29 Apr 1918 Nell's Luck Professional
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The Era, 24 April 1918, listed ‘Mary Neil and Co. in “Nell’s Luck”’ in Next Week’s Calls, Monday 29 April, at London Granville. The Fulham Chronicle, Friday 26 April 1918, advertised for Monday 29 April, ‘twice nightly and during the week’, ‘Mary Neil & Company in “Nell’s Luck”’ at The Granville, Walham Green.
26 Aug 1918 The Man Who Stayed At Home Professional
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‘Taylor Platt’s Co., in “The Man Who Stayed at Home” was advertised in the West London Observer, 23 August 1918, at the Granville Theatre of Varieties, Walham Green, for the week beginning Monday 26 August, with the information that ‘the same artistes appear at both performances’. Also advertised in the Fulham Chronicle, 23 August 1918.
30 Sep 1918 The Woman of Louvain Professional
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Performed by: Mary Mayfren