Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A PetticoatsUnknown
8 Jan 1915 A Daughter of EnglandUnknown
9 Jan 1915 A Daughter of EnglandProfessional
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Performed by Mddle Marga la Rubia and Mr Frank Randell. 'This style of play is, of course proper to the palmy days of melodrama, and the Garrick audience appeared well pleased' (Hull Daily Mail, 9 January 1915)
4 Mar 1915 Excuse MeUnknown
12 Jul 1915 Bloomfield and CoUnknown
19 Jul 1915 La Veillee de Jeanne RémyProfessional
19 Jul 1915 Bloomfield and CoProfessional
19 Jul 1915 La DelaisseeProfessional
19 Jul 1915 La Porte CloseProfessional
26 Jul 1915 La Fugue de Madame CaramonProfessional
26 Jul 1915 Mirette a ses RaisonsProfessional
26 Jul 1915 La Fugue de Madame CaramonUnknown
2 Aug 1915 Asile De NuitUnknown
2 Aug 1915 Depuis Six MoisUnknown
9 Aug 1915 Le PiègeUnknown
14 Aug 1915 La RecommendationProfessional
14 Aug 1915 Le PiègeProfessional
14 Aug 1915 Depuis Six MoisProfessional
16 Aug 1915 La Dernière tortureUnknown
16 Aug 1915 Compiègne [Compiègne 28 Aout 1914]Unknown
16 Aug 1915 The VampireUnknown
16 Aug 1915 Le PharmacienUnknown
21 Aug 1915 Compiègne [Compiègne 28 Aout 1914]Professional
21 Aug 1915 Le PharmacienProfessional
21 Aug 1915 The VampireProfessional
21 Aug 1915 La Dernière tortureProfessional
9 Sep 1915 Y'A D'Jolies FemmesUnknown
6 Nov 1915 Looking AroundUnknown
28 Jul 1916 LabergetteUnknown
29 Jul 1916 In a Waiting RoomUnknown
6 Jun 1917 SmileUnknown
19 Mar 1918 By Pigeon PostUnknown
30 Mar 1918 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Arthur Wontner (actor), A.E. George (actor), Madge Titheradge (actress), Dorothy Lane (actress), C.V. France (actor), Kate Phillips (actress), Hugh Buckler (actor), A.S. Homewood (actor), Hubert Willis (actor), Herbert Greville (stage manager), Arthur Hardy (producer). 'Miss Dorothy Lane plays the part of a very up-to-date French despatch rider...Most of the little light touches of comedy fall to this clever young actress' lot, and are a pleasant relief to the murky atmosphere of the spy which pervades the piece.' (Tatler, 17 April 1918)
5 May 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Starring Percy Hutchinson.
23 Feb 1923 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed on 23 and 24 February by Martin Harvey, to close his season.
13 Jun 1927 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed by Sir John Martin Harvey here until late July 1927.
10 May 1940 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Ben Williams (actor), Hugh Miller (actor), Harold Warrender (actor), Isabel Ohmead (actress), John Longden (actor), Marjorie Mars (actress), Clayton Greene (actor), Jenny Dean (actress), Edmund Breon (actor), Hugh Miller (producer), Arthur Hardy (producer). 'No more appropriate time than the present could be found for the performance of a spy thriller...' (Stage, 16 May 1940).