Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Big ShowUnknown
N/A Phew!Unknown
N/A Honour Gains The DayUnknown
N/A Knick KnacksUnknown
14 Sep 1914 What Would you Do? or The AlternativeUnknown
28 Dec 1914 Venus LimitedUnknown
11 Jan 1915 Passing EventsProfessional
16 Aug 1915 Push and GoUnknown
18 Oct 1915 6/8Unknown
24 Apr 1916 For Those In PerilProfessional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
21 Aug 1916 A Day In A Dug-OutUnknown
16 Oct 1916 Howard and SonProfessional
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Featuring Sir George Alexander; Mr J D Beveridge; Mr Charles Glenny.
12 Feb 1917 Doctor O'TooleUnknown
14 Mar 1917 Brave Women Who WaitProfessional
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J.C.Carlyle's Tour. Brave Women Who Wait; or The Munition Girl's Love Story. By Mrs F.G. Kimberley. Brilliant success of re-production. Very strong cast and beautifully staged.(The Era, 14th March, 1917).
9 Jul 1917 Three CheersProfessional
24 Jul 1917 The Lads of the VillageProfessional
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Performed here until 29 July with Bob Stevens as Erb.
17 Dec 1917 Nosey KnowsProfessional
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Performed for the week by George Hestor (actor), Dorothy Frostick (actress), Marie Ellis (actress), Nat Lewis (actor). ‘Fred Karno is anxious that the public shall know that Nosey Knows (Empire next week) is not a revue. I think he could have saved himself the trouble. We know our Karno by now’. (Liverpool Echo, 14 December 1917)
24 Dec 1917 Ocean WavesProfessional
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This was retained at the theatre for three consecutive weeks.
11 Feb 1918 Hotch PotchProfessional
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Performers: Fred Kitchen, Nora Delany
1 Apr 1918 The Bull-Dog BreedProfessional
22 Jul 1918 Flying ColoursProfessional
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‘Trench humour is irresistible, and when it is the creation of Captain Bruce Bairnsfather it is doubly so, for then is of the best brand. “The Johnson ‘Ole,” produced in Liverpool for the first time last evening at the Empire Theatre, introduces us to a fresh episode in the career of Old Bill the Walrus. “The Johnson ‘Ole,” whilst quite a good vehicle for the exploitation of the true spirit of trench hilarity, lacks the finer human touches which invested “The Better ‘Ole” with its unfading charm. The new “Ole” is, in fact, designed to give “Old Bill,” “Bert,” and “‘Arry” in merry mood minus the pathos of the other “‘Ole.” Taken on that basis, frankly it is acceptable. The portrayal of the Walrus by Mr. Harry Thurston was praiseworthy work by this popular comedian, who had worthy allies in Messrs. W. P. Sheen and Leonard May’. Liverpool Daily Post, 23 July 1918.
12 Aug 1918 The Woman of LouvainProfessional
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Performed by: Mary Mayfren
19 Aug 1918 Three CheersProfessional
23 Sep 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional