Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A LolaUnknown
21 Dec 1914 CinderellaUnknown
25 Jan 1915 Mad Dog. New Pantomimical Patriotic SketchProfessional
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Performed by the Six Brothers Luck company.
15 Nov 1915 Ladies FirstProfessional
7 Feb 1916 War MatesProfessional
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Performed by Mr Alfred Butt's company.
20 Mar 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'HonneurProfessional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt.
11 Jun 1917 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional
20 Aug 1917 WullieProfessional
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The play was shown here between 20 and 25 August inclusive. Others on the same bill included: Jack Birchley - Humourous Twister, Oswald Bemand and his Wonder Pigeons, Clara Evelyn, Ivy St Helier, Jack Lane - Yorkshire rustic in Jest and Song, Mr Hymack- whimsical Human Chameleon.
15 Oct 1917 Opkins On FatigueProfessional
22 Nov 1917 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week: H. Buss, M. Webber, F. Quinn, A. J. Charlwood, A. Stevenson, J. F. Dockery, Nora O'Malley (all actors). 'A continuous series of hearty if Captain Bairnsfather's sketches had come to life' (Sheffield Independent, 23 January 1917) Other acts on the bill: Novelty Minstrels including Terris and Romaine, Harry Evans and Raglus, Dnig Sen Bros (gymnasts), King and Mayfair (singer and pianist), Jaffa (burlesque conjuror), Audrey Cooper (vocalist).
7 Jan 1918 A Cushy JobUnknown
14 Jan 1918 Ocean WavesProfessional
4 Feb 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
9 Sep 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
28 Oct 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918Professional
24 Feb 1919 Jolly TimesProfessional
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‘The Hippodrome has arranged an unusually attractive programme with the entirely new musical burlesque entitled “Jolly Times,” which includes some incidents of the Great War. James (sic) Alexandre is responsible for the fun, and is ably supported by a capable company and a chorus of discharged soldiers. There is also a variety turn, “Black and White,” a musical mystery – a doll that plays a concertina’ (Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 21 February 1919). ‘Some of the humours of the war are very cleverly presented at the Hippodrome in “Jolly Times,” the new musical burlesque, and are appreciated by both Tommy and civilian. The scenes are typical, and the artistes, especially Joseph Victor as Lce-cpl. Moppitup, and Jos. Alexander as Corpl. Squibbs, soon win the approbation of all; while Madge Merle, American soubrette, is at once a favourite' (Sheffield Independent, 25 February 1919). ‘“Jolly Times” at the Hippodrome was warmly received by crowded “houses” last night. “Jolly Times” is a very cleverly-produced musical comedy of a rather novel type, presented by Harry Goodson. The excellent company includes Jos. Alexandre, Dorothy Vernon, John Doran, Madge Merle, Gertie Hall, and Ellis J. Preston, all of whom fulfil their respective parts with considerable skill. There is a strong chorus, pretty scenery, and the songs are excellently rendered' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 25 February 1919). A scene from Jolly Times was performed at a matinée at the Sheffield Hippodrome on 1 March in aid of the King’s Fund whose purpose was to give disabled soldiers and sailors a fresh start in civil life (Sheffield Independent and Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 3 March 1919).