Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Parker's WifeUnknown
24 Dec 1914 Humpty DumptyUnknown
6 Sep 1915 Test Me!Unknown
15 Feb 1916 In The DarkUnknown
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Performed as part of a special matinee being given in aid of the funds of the Bristol branch of the British Red Cross Society. The Duchess of Beaufort (president of the Bristol branch of the British Red Cross Society) accompanied by Lady Blanche Somerset and Lady Diana Somerset, occupied a box, and amongst other patrons present were the Lady Mayoress (Mrs Barclay Baron), the Sheriff of Bristol and Mrs H.E. Chattock. The programme was a comprehensive one. (see The Era, 23 February 1916)
13 Nov 1916 Kultur At HomeProfessional
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'Those who know Germany and the Germans thoroughly declare that the authors … have not been unfair in their picture of the German home life, of the colossal conceit of these people, and the utterly ridiculous attitude towards the rest of mankind of the Prussian lieutenant. Indeed, it is in keeping with the German religious and military writers and with the speeches of the All “Highest.” So when the English girl rebelled against the systematic insults and crushings inflicted, by her new relations and friends our English audience was thrilled. But it is difficult to believe that a girl of the instinct and intelligence of our heroine could have been so blinded by love as not to see how the Germans treated their women folk. Moreover, however hideous the brutality may seem to our minds it must not be forgotten that in the course of generations it has become an accepted law, and the absolute sacrifice of everything for the ideal of the regiment has produced a military nation second to none up till now. “Kultur at Home” is worth seeing, for it enables us to grasp how it is that the Germans are “blonde beasts” and why it is they have no humour'. Western Daily Press, 14 November 1916.
16 Jun 1917 Oh, I See!Amateur
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Charity event; organised by the Tractor Depot (Avonmouth) Entertainments Committee (the Royal Army Service Corps) to raise money for the Inquiry Bureau; cast specifically derived from soldiers, including professionals alongside those with "slight indication of unfamiliarity with environment"; emphasis on light-hearted, comic acts, including sketches about 'flying men' and soldiers dressing up as women; homely feel to proceedings, suggested by reference to Elm Tree Farm in Stapleton; article from 8th June describes it as a 'khaki performance' - does this mean it was performed in uniform, or simply that the cast was made up of soldiers? Staff Sergeant H.A. Robinson - described as "an old hand at this branch of the profession"; numerous Privates and Lance-Corporals mentioned, with Pte. A.E Pickworth singled out as a particularly successful singer and Pte. F.D Siddall "making up very cleverly as a charming young lady" - no mention of Folliss himself (spelled Follis in the WDP review) performing with this particular troupe, despite him having a professional card in The Stage between 1908 and 1915
24 Dec 1917 Old King ColeUnknown
5 Aug 1918 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone WrongProfessional
28 Nov 1918 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
24 Dec 1918 Sinbad the SailorUnknown
20 Oct 1919 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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This was a return visit to the theatre.
2 Aug 1920 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
4 Nov 1920 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Presented for a Thursday matinee as part of the week's repertoire at the theatre.
16 May 1921 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
14 Aug 1922 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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For six nights only.
3 Nov 1922 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed for one night as part of a week's repertoire by the company.