Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

23 Dec 1914 Goody Two ShoesUnknown
11 Sep 1915 Pan's MeadowUnknown
16 Sep 1915 The Little ManProfessional
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' "The Little Man" is a delicate satire, through which the beauty of the love of a man for a baby, of which he suddenly finds himself in possession through the mother missing the train in which he is travelling, runs like a thread of gold on a grey background.' "Manchester Courier", 17 September 1915.
23 Dec 1915 Robinson CrusoeUnknown
28 Aug 1916 The Misleading LadyUnknown
4 Sep 1916 Potash and Perlmutter in SocietyUnknown
11 Sep 1916 Kultur At HomeProfessional
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‘“Kultur at Home,” as its title indicates, is an attempt to portray the German military mind in the domestic side of life. The author has only achieved a moderate success, and the play, apart from a very fine conclusion, is conspicuously thin. Dealing with the uppermost subject of the day, the melodrama - for it is little else - finds a sympathetic audience that in other times would be less tolerant of its obvious defects. “Kultur at Home” has the advantage of being extremely well played, Miss Beatrice Smith, Mr. Charles B. Vaughan, and Mr. Otho Stuart making the most of the opportunities afforded them’. Manchester Evening News, 12 September 1916.
22 Dec 1916 Old King ColeUnknown
1 Apr 1918 The Invisible FoeProfessional
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Presented by Robert Courtneidge, and performed for the week by a cast including Julian Royce (actor) and Diana North (actress). "'The Invisible Foe' attracted a big audience last night, but the play itself lacks the dramatic grip necessary for success. [The actors] struggle hard and successfully, but the end is too obvious to give the talented company full scope for their abilities" (Manchester Evening News, 2 April 1918)
10 Jun 1918 The Hidden HandProfessional
23 Dec 1918 CinderellaUnknown
19 Apr 1920 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed as part of a series of plays.