Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

28 Sep 1914 A British SoldierUnknown
28 Sep 1914 A British SoldierProfessional
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"Plays innumerable dealing with the present War are, no doubt , destined to be written, and many will be produced, but whatever distinction may attach to the staging of almost the very first of them we believe belongs to the repertory company of Her Majesty's, Walsall. For obvious reasons, there will be no disposition to judge 'A British Soldier', the author of which is Rollo Balmain, by the ordinary standard. It is somewhat crude in structure and characterisation. But this drama has not been written to please the critical mind; it has been written to the unspoken order of the public, who 'want War' in news and picture, song and story, and, regarded from this limited point of view, it may be expected to achieve a fair measure of success." "The Stage", 1 October 1914
8 Mar 1915 The Angelus BellUnknown
24 May 1915 Joy - Sister of MercyProfessional
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Her Majesty's Repertory Company, John B Shinton (Paul Wingold), Ada M Ryder (Joy)
28 Jun 1915 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
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Perfromed by Her Majesty's Theatre Repertory Company with John B Shinton and Ada Ryder.
18 Jul 1915 The War BabyProfessional
25 Oct 1915 The Woman Pays - BackProfessional
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The true to life play.... ('Walsall Advertiser', 30 October 1915, p. 4)
8 Nov 1915 The Enemy In Our MidstProfessional
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‘It is often possible to find as much entertainment in the behaviour of some of audience as in the play itself, and this seems to apply especially to war dramas. It is highly amusing to hear the excited comments on the German villain who frequently talks of “the English swine.” or the outbursts of joy when the British hero and his friends triumph. But nothing more delighted the pit and “gods” at Her Majesty’s this week than the fight between aeroplane Zeppelin, cleverly introduced by the aid of the electric lantern in the last scene; the cheers were almost deafening' (Walsall Observer and South Staffordshire Chronicle, 13 November 1915)
20 Dec 1915 Married Midst Shot And ShellProfessional
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Performed for the week, except Christmas day, twice nightly at 6.55 and 9pm by Her Majesty's Repertory Company.
29 May 1916 A Bad Girl's WeddingUnknown
25 Sep 1916 John Raymond's Daughter or A Soldier's Love ChildProfessional
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Twice nightly. Performed by Her Majesty's Repertory Company of Talented Players ('Walsall Observer and South Staffordshire Chronicle', 23 September 1916, p.6)
26 Feb 1917 The Sunshine of Paradise AlleyProfessional
16 Apr 1917 The Cottage GirlProfessional
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Her Majesty's Repertory Company of Talented Players. Twice nightly. ('Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle', 14 April 1917, p.4)
2 Jul 1917 The Light that Leads Me HomeProfessional
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Performed by Her Majesty's Repertory company.
16 Jul 1917 Should a Woman Forgive?Professional
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Performed by the Walsall Repertory Company.
19 Nov 1917 Mother’s Sailor BoyProfessional
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Performers: Dot Stephens Co
15 Jul 1918 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home'
9 Sep 1918 All Over The ShopUnknown
4 Nov 1918 Our Lost LassProfessional
14 Jul 1919 Called UpProfessional
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Performed 14-19 July 1919.
1 Apr 1921 Mother’s Sailor BoyProfessional
16 Dec 1929 The Man Who Stayed At HomeAmateur
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Performed Monday and Tuesday in aid of the funds of the Victoria Nursing Institution. Produced by Stanley Eglington.