Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A Girl Wanted Unknown
17 Sep 1914 Mad Dog. New Pantomimical Patriotic Sketch Unknown
21 Dec 1914 The Mystery Gun Professional
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The introduction of the naval gun on the boards of the halls was inevitable. As likely representation of a battleship's gun deck is the chief feature in a farcical sketch called "The Mystery Gun" whose mysteriousness is quickly penetrated by the inquisitive. From their devastated country the Great Hockneys, Belgian acrobats come with a daring cycle novelty. Captain Jack Kelly, assisted by Miss Violet Kelly, gives a clever demonstration of the Australian stock whip possibilities, and sweet musical strains accompany the sketch "Venetia," Alice Craven, Lily Lang, and Greta Mack are also on the bill. (Liverpool Echo - Tuesday 22 December 1914)
13 Sep 1915 Charles Chaplin Mad Unknown
22 Nov 1915 Mary from Tipperary Professional
22 Nov 1915 Ladies First Professional
10 Jan 1916 War Mates Professional
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"The author has shown no little skill in constructing a story which certainly takes firm hold of the audience, and which should go a long way towards stimulating national enthusiasm. The programme is further strengthened by other vaudeville turns, including comedians, vocalists, dancers, knockabouts, while a series of entertaining pictures are shown upon the bioscope" (Liverpool Daily Post 12 January 1916)
29 May 1916 Which shall I Marry? Unknown
7 Jun 1916 His Mother's Son V-C Professional
9 Oct 1916 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week by cast including Harry Buss.
26 Mar 1917 Flying Colours Professional
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The Liverpool Echo, Monday 26 March 1917 carried an advertisement for the Royal Hippodrome: ‘Captain Bruce Bairnsfather Presents a Comedy of “Somewhere France,” The Johnson ‘Ole (Direct from the London Hippodrome), An Episode of Real Trench Humour. Harry Thurston as “Old Bill – The Walrus”’, plus other acts. ‘The first Bairnsfather episode to be presented in Liverpool is staged this week at the Hippodrome. The Bairnsfather humour characteristic of his pen sketches is sustained through a realistic scene of trench life as lived about Christmastime, 1914. The central character is Walrus, given to posterity by the “sea lion feeding” query, and played on the stage by Mr. Harry Thurston. No better compliment can be paid this actor than say that Bill (Walrus) of the stage proves as quaint and curious a figure as Bill of pen and pencil creation’. Liverpool Daily Post, 27 March 1917. ‘Harry Thurston in “The Johnson ‘Ole,” an episode founded on one of Captain Bairnsfather’s sketches, is the leading item on the Hippodrome bill, and is highly amusing'. Liverpool Echo, 27 March 1917.
4 Jun 1917 The Girl from Ciro's Professional
21 Jan 1918 A Cushy Job Professional
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‘“A Cushy Job” is the name of a military comedy written by Captain E. C. Baker, and presented by Captain Baker and “C.H.” a London critic, at the Hippodrome, Liverpool, next week. Captain Baker, an old cavalryman, served with Lord Kitchener in the Soudan campaign and early in the war did good work in getting recruits, speaking daily from the Gladstone statue in the Strand and at the Law Courts. With his general he was badly injured while examining shells in the G.P.O., London, about a year ago. He is a huge man, over 6ft. in height’ (Liverpool Echo, 18 January 1918). Also, ‘Prominent in the programme [at the Hippodrome, Liverpool] is a new farcical sketch entitled “A Cushy Job,” from the pen of Captain E. C. Baker. The farce is brimful of fun and caused the audience to shout with laughter’ (The Era, 23 January 1918).
22 Apr 1918 The Frenchwoman Professional
6 Aug 1918 Any Lady Unknown
19 Aug 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918 Professional
16 Sep 1918 By Pigeon Post Professional
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Starring Allan Jeayes.
18 Nov 1918 The Honourable Gertrude Professional
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The Liverpool Echo, 18 November 1918, advertised at the Hippodrome that week a bill that included ‘Esme Beringer & Co., in “The Hon Gertrude”’.
25 Nov 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918 Professional
10 Mar 1919 Jolly Times Professional
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The Stage, 6 March 1919, listed Jolly Times, Culpitt and the Mezuno Family in Calls For Next week at the Liverpool Hippodrome. Advertised in the Liverpool Echo, 10 March 1919, mentioning the popular revue comedian Jos. Alexandre in Jolly Times, Culpitt the magical comedian and the celebrated Mezuno Troupe.