Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A war-melodrama of the cheapest and crudest order of pseudo-realistic but impossible fiction. The young people ultimately 'married midst shot and shell' are an English officer - a soldier - with a wonderful invention for submarine warfare - and the daughter of a country Vicar who has gone to the front as a Chaplain. It is the Vicar who performs the very informal ceremony close to the field of battle in Belgium, where all the characters are miraculously brought together. They include a German spy, masquerading as an English Colonel, who is the villain of the piece, and a comic but faithful footman, disguised as a Red Cross nurse, who defeats the German spy at the very moment when he expects to possess himself of the clergyman’s daughter, and to steal for his government the secret invention of her lover. The whole piece is utterly silly both in conception and execution; but it is otherwise unobjectionable. Recommended for license. Earnest A. Bendall.

Researcher's Summary:

Licensed under the title 'Married midst Shot and Shell' but performed under the title 'The Bride of the Battlefield or Married Midst Shot and Shell'.

Licensed On: 19 Aug 1915

License Number: 3651

British Library Reference: LCP1915/21

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66107 X


18 Jun 1915 Theatre Royal, South ShieldsProfessional
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Performed for one-night only, at 6.50 and 9pm/
28 Jun 1915 Hippodrome, CannockProfessional
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Presented all week as 'The Bride of the Battlefield' and described as 'one of the most stirring of the many dramas that have been written round the present war' (Stage 1 July 1915). Cast included Edward Vivian, Nell Ingram, Horace Buckley and Emile Watson.
19 Jul 1915 Hippodrome, BilstonProfessional
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Presented all week with Edward Vivan, Nell Ingram, Horace Buckley and Valerie Russell.
21 Aug 1915 Opera House, BurtonProfessional
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Performed for the week under the title 'The Bride of the Battlefield, or Married Midst Shot and Shell'. Presented twice nightly by Messrs Stanley Ravenscroft and J. Wright's company. Cast included: Edward Vivian, Nell Ingram and Stanley Ravenscroft.
23 Aug 1915 Opera House, BurtonProfessional
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Performed the week of 23 August and described as 'good, clean, honest melodrama' (Burton Daily Mail, 20 August 1915). Cast included Edward Vivian, Emily Entwhistle, Stanley Ravenscroft, Nell Ingram, Horace Buckley, and Rosie Watson.
28 Aug 1915 Palace Theatre, StroudUnknown Licensed Performance
11 Oct 1915 New Theatre, CreweProfessional
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Performed twice nightly during the week.
18 Oct 1915 Theatre Royal, LiverpoolProfessional
8 Nov 1915 Palace Theatre, DerbyProfessional
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Performed for the week.
15 Nov 1915 Hippodrome, BurslemProfessional
23 Nov 1915 Grand Theatre, StocktonProfessional
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Performed for the week with Valerie Russell and Stanley Ravenscroft.
29 Nov 1915 Victoria Theatre, BroughtonProfessional
6 Dec 1915 Hippodrome, MansfieldProfessional
13 Dec 1915 Grand, LancasterProfessional
20 Dec 1915 Her Majesty's Theatre, WalsallProfessional
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Performed for the week, except Christmas day, twice nightly at 6.55 and 9pm by Her Majesty's Repertory Company.
20 Dec 1915 Opera House, CoventryProfessional
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Presented for the week by Stanley Ravenscroft and J. Wright.
24 Jan 1916 Hippodrome, MexboroughProfessional
14 Feb 1916 Palace Theatre, RochdaleProfessional
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Playing all week, twice nightly at 7 and 9 with a cast including Stanley Ravenscroft, Holly Haslewood, and Mr E. Vivan.
21 Feb 1916 Alexandra Theatre, PontefractProfessional
1 Mar 1916 Theatre Royal, LeighProfessional
6 Mar 1916 Palace Theatre, Brierley HillProfessional
13 Mar 1916 Theatre Royal, ChorleyProfessional
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Performed all week by cast including Stanley Ravenscroft, J. Wright, Ed. Vivan, Dan Dunville, Harry Stanley, Fred Watkins, Rhd Masters, Nellie Haslewood, Valerie Russell and Mabel Johnstone.
27 Mar 1916 Theatre, Wath-on-DerneProfessional
3 Apr 1916 Hippodrome, DarwenProfessional
16 Apr 1916 Grand Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
17 Apr 1916 Kelly's Theatre, LiverpoolProfessional
24 Apr 1916 Theatre Royal, MacclesfieldProfessional
8 May 1916 Theatre Royal, CrookProfessional
15 May 1916 Grand Theatre, RadcliffeProfessional
29 May 1916 Prince's Theatre, BlackburnProfessional
5 Jun 1916 Palladium, HartlepoolProfessional
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Performed for the week twice nightly 6.45 and 8.45pm with Miss Valerie Russell.
19 Jun 1916 Empire Theatre, GarstonProfessional
7 Aug 1916 Empire, RotherhamProfessional
14 Aug 1916 Theatre Royal, West StanleyProfessional
28 Aug 1916 New Hippodrome, SpennymoorProfessional
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Performed once nightly, 7.30pm.
18 Sep 1916 Hippodrome, BatleyProfessional
2 Oct 1916 Alexandra Theatre, PontefractProfessional
30 Oct 1916 Palace, NewcastleProfessional
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Twice nightly at 6.50 and 9pm
24 Nov 1916 Grand Theatre, StocktonProfessional
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A one-off performance by special request with Stanley Ravenscroft performing.
1 Jan 1917 Hippodrome, SpennymoorProfessional
8 Jan 1917 Empire Theatre, OswestryProfessional
26 Feb 1917 Alexandra Theatre, HullProfessional
5 Mar 1917 Palace Theatre, RochdaleProfessional
12 Mar 1917 Central Theatre, BloxwichProfessional
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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 on, in repertoire with 'The Unexpected Wife' performed for the rest of the week.
9 Apr 1917 Victoria Theatre, BurnleyProfessional
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Performed Monday-Wednesday with "The Unexpected Wife" the rest of the week. Stanley Ravenscroft was reported as joining his regiment (Stage 29 March 1917) and the cast for this theatre only lists: Valerie Russell, Emilie Entwhistle, Tom Lyle, Edward Vivian, Miss L. Lenora and Mr H. Steward.
23 Apr 1917 Globe Theatre, ConsettProfessional
30 Apr 1917 Theatre Royal, CrookProfessional
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Two weeks at this theatre, starting 30 April 1917.
14 May 1917 Grand Theatre, HalifaxProfessional
21 May 1917 Palace, NewcastleProfessional
4 Jun 1917 Theatre Royal, DewsburyProfessional
11 Jun 1917 Theatre Royal, SeahamProfessional
28 Jun 1917 Theatre Royal, MiddlesbroughProfessional
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Performed for the week by Edward Vivan, Horace Buckley, Henry Earlsmere and Valerie Russell.
23 Jul 1917 Hippodrome, BoltonProfessional
30 Jul 1917 Eden Theatre, Bishop AucklandProfessional
10 Sep 1917 Hippodrome, ManchesterProfessional
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Performed in repertoire with 'The Unexpected Wife' and 'The Three Mothers'.
17 Sep 1917 Theatre Royal, South ShieldsProfessional
15 Oct 1917 Grand Theatre, StocktonProfessional
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Performed in repertoire alongside 'The Girl from America'
14 Apr 1919 Hippodrome, BatleyProfessional
21 Apr 1919 Hippodrome, HuddersfieldProfessional
28 Apr 1919 Hippodrome, BilstonProfessional
5 May 1919 Hippodrome, WednesburyProfessional
12 May 1919 Theatre Royal, West BromwichProfessional
19 May 1919 Theatre Royal, West BromwichProfessional
26 May 1919 Hippodrome, CannockProfessional
9 Jun 1919 Grand Theatre, HalifaxProfessional
16 Jun 1919 Theatre Royal, DewsburyProfessional
23 Jun 1919 Victoria Theatre, West StanleyProfessional