Great War Theatre

Address: South Shields, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
26 Jul 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
24 Jul 1916 The Mystery Gun Professional
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With Tom Foy and Company, the sensational mystery gun set, and the other attractions which make up the bill of fare, the South Shields Empire Theatre should do good business this week. It is a good long while since the great dialect comedian last embraced a South Shields audience. He is quite as funny as ever and his quaintly; humorous absurdity "In Trouble Again" in which he is supported by several able artistes kept two well filled houses in tears of laughter last evening. The mystery gun is an amusing naval comedy sketch presented by Mr Fred Clayden. The setting is a fine representation of the gun deck of a famous Dreadnought and some capital light comedy precedes a thrilling and sensational climax, in which a young lady is fired from the mystery gun to re-appear unhurt on the far side of a target which is shown to be still intact. It is a remarkable illusion. A delightful ventriloquist sketch was contributed by Warner who appeared in his latest success "The Castaway." The Night Rosettes gave a pleasing turn, and were warmly applauded for their dainty toe dancing, drill, sword combats, and Russian dancing and also for their singing in English, French, and Russian. Yaso an expert with the violin was heartily encored for his excellent playing. David and Marriott, Welsh operatic duettists sang very sweetly, and were thoroughly appreciated, and Jim Corlett, a first-class dancer, came in for vigorous applause, and had to respond to a well-earned recall. (Shields Daily News - Tuesday 25 July 1916)
28 Jan 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
15 Apr 1918 Nosey Knows Professional
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Performed for the week by Will Hay (actor), Enid Allen (actress), Marie Ellis (actress), Dorothy Frostic (sic – Frostick) (actress), Charles Hammel (actor), Norman Carn (actor), Jack Mann (actor), Nellie Hill (actress), Rosie Lewis (actress), Thomas Prior (actor), Harry Biezzand (actor), Ethel Arden (actress), Nat Lewis (actor).