Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
13 Sep 1915 Business As Usual Professional
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(The Scotsman - Tuesday 14 September 1915)
20 Mar 1917 The Frenchwoman Professional
24 Dec 1917 Nosey Knows Professional
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Performed this week as half the bill.
8 Apr 1918 The Bull-Dog Breed Professional
15 Apr 1918 Rations Professional
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The Scotsman, 15 April 1918, advertised at the Empire Palace Theatre ‘Fred Karno’s latest Revuette, Rations. Six Splendidly Staged Scenes. Powerful Cast includes Robb Wilton, “The Prince of Funmakers,” Winnie Collins, The Charming Comedienne, Supported by A Queue of Quaint Quipsters [and] with Powerful Supporting Varieties’.
29 Jul 1918 Hotch Potch Professional
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Performers: Fred Kitchen, Nora Delany
5 Aug 1918 Three Cheers Professional
27 Dec 1918 The Lads of the Village Professional
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Performed until 6 January 1919 and starring Bob Stevens as Erb.