Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
14 Sep 1914 Saved By Wireless Professional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
25 Sep 1916 The Frenchwoman Professional
18 Dec 1916 The Mystery Gun Professional
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Large audiences have been attracted to the Hippodrome, Newgate, twice nightly this week, and the entertainment provided has proved very enjoyable. Mr. Fred. Clayden's company present a naval comedy "The Mystery Gun." The other artistes are the Three Ryewoods, instrumentalists; Mart and Pep, acrobats; Jack Fortescue, who gives vocal and character studies; May Erne and He; ballad singers; Tew and Lea, comedians; and Nellie Sylvester, vocalist and dancer. (Rochdale Observer - Saturday 23 December 1916)
22 Jan 1917 For Those In Peril Professional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
24 Sep 1917 Opkins On Fatigue Professional
1 Oct 1917 Stop Press Professional
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The Rochdale Observer, 29 September 1917, advertised at the Royal Hippodrome on 1 October and during the week ‘Magini and Major’s “Special Edition” of “Stop Press” Musical Comedy, Introducing all the Latest Tit-bits of the Revue World’, under the personal supervision of Tom Major. The revue comprised seven scenes: Summer Time, by Kitty Major and Company; Killing Time, by Dan Denton and Kitty Major; War Time, by the Soldiers’ Wives; Passing Time, by Ennis Myne and Kitty Major; Pierrot Time, by the Kit I. Did’s Concert Party; Fashion Time, Beauty and Dress; and Winter Time, by the full company. Other cast members named in the advertisement were Nellie Gwinnell, Amy Pollard, Nellie Gannon, True Steel and Sam Shirke. Also on the bill were La Petite Olivette, a dancing marvel and miniature actress-vocalist; Bairnsfather’s cartoons no. 5, and other interesting pictures; and Mdlle. Zampa, a graceful gymnast. Also, ‘The Hippodrome was crowded at each house on Monday evening, when the Major and Magini Company appeared in the “Special Edition of the Stop Press Revue.” Catchy songs, dances, and much nonsense are features of the revue, and the dresses are bright and attractive. A monologue entitled “The fellow with a conscience that objects,” given by Miss Kitty Major, has a popular ring about it. The principal vocalist is Miss Lily Ennis, and there is a capable chorus. Miss Kitty Major and Mr. Dan Denton are responsible for the laughter-producing department. The closing scene, “Winter time,” is a beautiful spectacle' (Rochdale Observer, 3 October 1917; a shorter version of the notice appeared in the Rochdale Observer, 6 October 1917).
4 Feb 1918 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week by Harry Buss. Others on the same bill: The Sisters Tremper (American Novelty Equilibrists), Gaumont's War Graphic Etc, Ethel Castaldini (musical comedy favourite), Josephine Langley (Lady Ventriloquist), the Realms (artistic dancing duo), Marvello (the Entertaining Magician), Those Four Kids (actual sisters in a Happy Razzle), Mlle San San (Japanese juggler), Dainty Lillian (vocalist and dancer), Harry Riley (elocutionist).
8 Jul 1918 Married on Leave Professional
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This performance (theatre and start date) is included in a list of previous performances of “Married on Leave” in The Stage of Thursday 1 August 1918.
28 Oct 1918 The Silent Service Professional
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Performed by Margot Delan. In the same bill were: Brocks Cycling Maniacs, Royal Gothams (comic/vocal), Carlton Trio (musical), Two Wandas (pedestal equilibrists), Dancit (American Dancing Nugget).
4 Dec 1918 Settling Day Professional
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Performed by Cora Duncan & Albert Brasque.