Great War Theatre

Also known as: Coliseum, Cheltenham

Performances at this Theatre

12 Mar 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed here for one week by cast including: Dolly Douglas (actress), Alex Gillette (actor), Issa Steele (actress)
16 Apr 1918 True ValuesProfessional
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Performing in the same bill were: Una Brewer (Comedienne and instrumentalist), Raymond and Ivy (Vocalists and Dancers), The Altos, Mundi-Next, Enid Courtenay and Sisters.
2 Sep 1918 Reported MissingProfessional
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Performers: Terry Davies (actor), Sydney J Andrews (actor), Dorothy Hildebrand (actress), Herbert Burton (actor), The Brennan Glee Singers.