Great War Theatre

Address: 29 Merrion Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland

Performances at this Theatre

26 Jun 1916 The Wages Of Hell (After The War)Professional
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‘This week at the Empire Theatre we are promised a return visit of the celebrated actor Mr. John Lawson, who will be well remembered here by his remarkable production entitled, 'Only A Jew'. This week, however, he will be seen in two new productions – 'The Knighthood of Posner' and 'The Wages of Hell'. Mr. John Lawson is certainly a remarkable actor, and has always proved a great favourite at the Dame Street house. His many friends and admirers will, no doubt, be glad to extend him a cordial greeting when he makes his reappearance this (Monday) evening. Supporting Mr. Lawson is a very powerful list of variety artistes. With such an attractive bill it is safe to assume that a liberal amount of patronage will be extended to the Empire this week’. (Dublin Daily Express, 26 June 1916)
18 Mar 1918 Nosey KnowsProfessional
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Performed at the Empire for the week.