Great War Theatre

Address: Leigh, UK

Performances at this Theatre

17 Jan 1916 The Love ChildProfessional
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‘Ernest R. Abbott’s company are here [Royal Opera House, Leigh] in the drama, Neither Wife Nor Maid. The authoress, Ada G. Abbott, plays with dramatic skill and judgement as Meg. John Johnston gives an excellent character study of Curley Saunders. Lord Kingdon is capably represented by Frank Kelland. Herbert Barrs acts with skill as Steve Warden. Philip Layton is natural as the Rev. Peter Cordiner. Glory Kelland admirably sustains the part of Lady Kingdon. Nellie Crowther acts cleverly as Tommy. Agnes Kingston make a dignified Dowager Lady Kingdon. Marion Holly is quaintly humorous as Eliza’. The Stage, 20 January 1916.
4 Jan 1917 Within Our GatesProfessional
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Charles Locke’s company performed for three nights in 'A Motherless Mite' and in 'Within Our Gates' for the remainder of the week.