Great War Theatre

Address: London Borough of Islington, London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

1 Feb 1915 Passing EventsProfessional
10 May 1915 The Man Who Wouldn'tProfessional
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‘The principal item in the bill at this popular hall is Mr. Frank Rubens revue, “Mind the Step” … Amongst other items in the bill is Mr. Leo Stormont’s production, “The Man Who Wouldn’t”. This is a topical playlet, from the experienced pen of Mr. J. E. MacManus, and deals vigorously with those who leave to other people the task of fighting for their country. Mr. Stormont himself is as usual most effective, Messrs. F. James and G. Goodwin being adequate in supporting parts. A special word is due to Miss P. Tandy, who gave a pointed and most admirable performance as the daughter. A contretemps with the bioscope unfortunately marred the performance, but there is no doubt but that it will be another success for this well known artiste’ (The Era, Wednesday 12 May 1915). ‘Frank Rubens’s new revue, Mind The Step! … is being played for the first time at the Islington Empire this week … Leo Stormont and Company have an important place in the rest of the bill with J . E . McManus’s sensational comedy, called The Man Who Wouldn’t which has little beyond its patriotic sentiments to recommend it as a work of art’ (The Stage, 13 May 1915).
13 Dec 1915 Ladies FirstProfessional
31 Jan 1916 Passing EventsProfessional
26 Feb 1917 JoylandProfessional
7 May 1917 Saved By WirelessProfessional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
1 Oct 1917 The Silent ServiceProfessional
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Performed by Margot Delan (actor) and company: 'Islington audiences would appear to be mightily impressed with the fruitless efforts, and subsequent arrest, of the two enemy agents. The perfect sang froid displayed by Mlle. Delan during the bombardment on Monday is worthy of the highest praise.' (The Stage, 4 October 1917)
25 Mar 1918 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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‘E. Taylor Platt Co. in “The Man Who Stayed at Home”‘ was advertised in The Era, 20 March 1918, at the Islington Empire for the week commencing Monday 25 March. Also listed in The Stage, 28 March 1918.
10 Jun 1918 For England, Home and Beauty or Comrades in ArmsProfessional
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Mentioned in an advertisement in The Era, 12 June 1918 (performances at 6.15 and 8.30).
24 Jun 1918 The Bully Of Berlin [The Beast of Berlin]Professional
19 May 1919 Jolly TimesProfessional
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The Era, 14 May 1919, advertised Harry Goodson presents Jolly Times (cast includes Madge Merle, Joe Victor and Jos. Alexandre), with Rene Ralph, at the Islington Empire in the week commencing 19 May.
11 Nov 1929 Seven Days LeaveProfessional