Great War Theatre

Address: Portsmouth, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A The New Boy Unknown
7 Dec 1914 To The Day [My Friend, Thomas Atkins] Professional
19 Apr 1915 Dinner for Eight Professional
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A performance by the full London company of the playlet from the Ambassador's Theatre. In addition, the bill for the week included the Four Swifts (comedy juggles), the Selbini Troupe (cycle turns), 'The Diving Bells' (musical act), 'PEarls of Music (musical act) and comedians the MacNaughtews and Daisy Taylor, the Scotch comedianne.
9 Oct 1916 Joyland Professional
18 Dec 1916 The Frenchwoman Professional
26 Feb 1917 A Bit of Blighty Professional
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The play was performed here from 26 February to 3 March 1917. Under the heading ‘New programmes for Portsmouth’ the 'Hampshire Telegraph and Post' reported on 23 February 1917 that 'Inez Bensuson [sic - Bensusan] brings to the King’s Theatre next week an entirely new domestic war playlet, entitled, 'A Bit of Blighty', in which she will be supported by Elaine Inescourt [sic – Inescort] and Shirley King, two well-known actresses of the Women’s Theatrical Company’. Also on the bill were Roxy La Rocca, an Italian male harpist; Paul Gordon, an American high wire walker; the Martini Trio, musicians; the Two Tomboys, ‘the only ladies presenting a humpsi-bumpsi performance’; Shephard and Ray ‘in a pot-pourri act’; Patricia O’Connar, a classical dancer; and The Vogues, ‘in vaudeville’.
23 Dec 1917 Joyland Professional
21 Jan 1918 The Woman of Louvain Professional
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Performed by: Mary Mayfren and "a capital company" Other acts on bill: Variety acts: Three Jees, Four Kemptons, De Busse, Peter Bernard, Herbert Winter, Graham and Givre Reviews: "Miss Mayfren is clever in the title role"
18 Mar 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
5 Aug 1918 Rations Professional
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‘A screamingly funny “revuette,” entitled “Rations,” by Bert Lee and R. T. [sic – R. P.] Weston, will be presented at the King’s next week by Fred Karno. The pivot of the piece is Robb Wilton. one of the most original comedians on the stage, who will be supported by charming Winnie Collins and some quaint humorists. The six scenes are splendidly staged, especially the last, “Tank Day,” which provides a wonderful medley of mirth, music, and colour, with a fighting Tank as centrepiece’. Hampshire Telegraph, 2 August 1918.
23 Sep 1918 Flying Colours Professional
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‘The funniest of all the funny Bairnsfather trench episodes will be shown next week at the King’s Theatre [Portsmouth], when the famous Hippodrome comedian Harry Thurston will take the part of “Ole Bill” (The Walrus) in “The Johnson ‘Ole.” He has played it over 200 times in “Flying Colour” at the London Hippodrome, and has made the part entirely his own, standing out in stage annals as a unique piece of characterisation’. Hampshire Telegraph, Friday 20 September 1918.
28 Oct 1918 Ocean Waves Professional