Great War Theatre

Address: Cambridge, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Ida CollaboratesUnknown
27 Mar 1916 The Love ChildProfessional
16 Oct 1916 The Bing Boys Are HereProfessional
2 Apr 1917 The EnemyProfessional
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"The Alien Enemy Peril is dealt with in a rather novel form in the [...] playlet." "In the part of Jean, Miss Katherine Harrowby acted sympathetically throughout, without over-exaggerating a very difficult part. Mr. Ronald Adair , as Hans, gave a typical study of a German, and Mr. A.J. Poulton as Oscar acted with finish. As an excitable landlady Miss Ada Gasgoigne did well and Mr. John Mason made a realistic policeman". "The Era", 11 April 1917.
2 Apr 1917 The EnemyUnknown
12 Feb 1918 The Trials Of Rule Britannia [The Trials of Mrs Rule Britannia]Amateur
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Also performed were: 'Absent-Minded George' and 'The Twelve Pound Look'. Cast included: H. Rottenburg (playwright/Devil), Dr. Naylor (Orchestra), Cadet Garden (Cadet Percy Apollyon), Miss Carrie Unett (Mrs. Rule Britannia), Misses Ruth Emery, E. Hinnell, Maud Borrer (Three Fairies), Mrs. Scott Wilson (Charwoman), Captain A.C. Bellerby C.F. (Hon. J. Brown-Robinson), Mr. Brian Ruegg (Mr. Dash). Mrs. Edward Altham (Mrs. Dash).
7 Mar 1918 The Invisible FoeProfessional
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Presented by Robert Courtneidge, and performed for the week by a cast including Julian Royce (actor), Queenie Gwynne (actress), John McNally (actor), Walter Gay (actor), J.S. Blythe (actor), Diana North (actress), Ivy Gardener (actress), and Dorothe Brett (actress). Also on the bill was 'The Day After the Wedding'
15 Apr 1918 Inside the LinesProfessional
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3 nights only
25 Nov 1918 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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William Home (actor), John McNally (actor), Helen Green (actress), Gladys Spencer (actress), A. Blundell Murray (actor), Garrett Hollick (actor), Herbert Vyvyan (actor), Fred Conyers (actor), Helen Graeme (actress) 'By Pigeon Post', in its way, one of the most enjoyable plays that have been seen in Cambridge for a long time...contains many sensations, of a deep and thrilling nature; much humour, of a most refreshing character; and a simple love affair of great charm...It was presented to the Cambridge public last night by a company of actors, some of whom are brilliant, and all extremely good.' (Cambridge Daily News, 26 November 1918)
30 Dec 1918 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone WrongProfessional
31 Mar 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Presented by Percy Hutchinson's company for three nights and a matinee.
2 Jun 1919 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Performed on 2, 3 and 4 June 1919 by Arthur Hardy (producer), Philip Knox (actor), Vernon Fortescue (actor), Garrett Hollie (actor), Marjorie Murray (actress), Miss Bucalossi (actress), C. Haviland Burke (actor)
4 Aug 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Produced for six nights and a matinee and starring Percy Hutchinson.
8 Sep 1919 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Presented by Thomas C. Dagnall's company. Cast included: J. Lawrence Anderson (actor), Alfred Harding (actor), Wilson Blake (actor), Arthur Fitzrov (actor), Evelyn Ormonde (actress), Will Smith (actor), Harry Gilberg (actor), Fellows Bassett (actor), Vincent Holman (actor), Henry Statchard (actor), Dorothy Clifton (actress)
13 Sep 1920 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Six nights and a matinee.