Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

28 Jun 1915 Married Midst Shot And ShellProfessional
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Presented all week as 'The Bride of the Battlefield' and described as 'one of the most stirring of the many dramas that have been written round the present war' (Stage 1 July 1915). Cast included Edward Vivian, Nell Ingram, Horace Buckley and Emile Watson.
18 Dec 1916 ToylandUnknown
8 Oct 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed for one week.
26 May 1919 Married Midst Shot And ShellProfessional
26 Sep 1927 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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Performed for the week twice nightly with cast including Julian Courtville.
24 Nov 1927 Seven Days LeaveProfessional