Great War Theatre

Address: Dundee, UK

Performances at this Theatre

6 Apr 1914 La FlambeeProfessional
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Performers: Cecile Barclay, Rupert Lister
4 Dec 1916 Kultur At HomeProfessional
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‘“Kultur at Home" … is a contribution of unique interest to war literature, for it presents a fair and honest, if satirical, representation of German life in a garrison town. It emphasises the contrast between Briton and Teuton, but does so in a kindly manner'. Dundee Courier, 1 December 1916. 'This stirring play gives a faithful picture of German life just before the war, and shows amusingly to English eyes the arrogance, bombast, and conceit of the Prussian military classes'. Dundee People’s Journal, 2 December 1916. '‘The war play, “Kultur at Home" … is a most interesting and absorbing play, although perhaps a little belated so far as its intention goes. The moral of the play is that it is dangerous for an English - or British - woman to marry a German officer. Surely after two years of war this moral does not require to be pointed'. Dundee Courier, 5 December 1916. '‘Frankly it, is impossible at the present moment to be deeply interested in any play which deals with German character and takes place on German soil. We know that German character, our lads on land and sea know it, and we don’t like it. It does not need a play such as “Kultur at Home” to bring home to us the barbarous traits in the Teutonic nature and purpose, the names of Edith Cavell, Captain Fryatt, and the tragedy of the Lusitania are enough for us. True “Kultur at Home” deals with domestic affairs, but the characteristics of the German nation are as prominent in home matters as in their world politics. Of course drama ought to be judged from a broad point of view, and such a narrow outlook as the above ought to be disregarded in art criticism. But it is there, and will persist besides that the authors have given us a play in which sentiment and patriotism are woven into single scheme'. Dundee Evening Telegraph, 5 December 1916.
11 Dec 1916 JoylandProfessional
18 Dec 1916 The Picture on the WallUnknown
24 Feb 1919 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
27 Mar 1923 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed Monday and Friday.