Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Bluff!Unknown
19 Jan 1914 La FlambeeProfessional
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Performers: Cecile Barclay, Rupert Lister
5 Apr 1915 Three SpoonfullsUnknown
7 Jun 1915 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Man Who Stayed at Home ‘will be performed for the first time in Eastbourne at the Pier Theatre next week, and will no doubt attract much attention. “The Man who Stayed at Home” deals with the present anxious time ... to those of our manhood who have nobly responded to the call of arms, and those who for various reasons have not yet responded to the call, “The Man who Stayed at Home” will prove of vital interest. … Mr. Taylor Platt, who is so closely associated with the Royalty Theatre, London, is responsible for the production …’ (Eastbourne Gazette, 2 June 1915). ‘The play is thrilling and at the same time amusing. It reflects the England of to-day, and is undoubtedly the play of the moment, showing the devices used by the spies. It appeals to old and young alike, the civilian as much as to the soldier; and although it deals with war-time, there is no suggestion of the horrors of the battlefield. On Monday evening the play was received with undoubted favour by an appreciative audience who revelled in the humour the story, and the masterly manner in which “the man who stayed at home” circumvented the enemies of his country’ (Eastbourne Gazette, 9 June 1915).
2 Aug 1915 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Eastbourne Gazette, 4 August 1915, advertised that week at the Pier Theatre ‘E. Taylor Platt (by arrangement with Vedrenne and Eadie) presents The Successful Royalty Theatre Spy Play – The Man Who Stayed at Home ... Now playing to crowded houses at the Royalty, London'.
24 Apr 1916 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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‘The Taylor Platt company, still under the acting-management of Alex. Clifton, are paying a third visit with The Man Who Stayed at Home, last seen here in August, Charles Troode (Christopher Brent), Hilda Francks (Mrs. Sanderson), Russell Bendle (Fritz), Dorothy Hall (Fraulein Schroeder), Christine Jensen (Miss Myrtle), Mary Lincoln (Molly Preston), Grahame Herington (John Preston), J. Farries Moss (Percival Pennicuik), and Edith Cuthbert (Daphne Kidlington) repeating their former successes, and the cast being admirably completed by Charles H. Mortimer (Carl Sanderson), Amy Elstob (Miriam Leigh), and Herbert Rouen (Corporal)'. The Stage, 27 April 1916.
23 Apr 1917 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Era, 18 and 25 April 1917, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home (Red) as On The Road from 23 April at the Pier, Eastbourne. Also The Stage, 19 and 26 April 1917. Previewed in the Eastbourne Gazette, 18 April 1917, which listed the actors: Clifford Marle, Arthur Grenville, C. Laverack-Brown, J. Edward Pearce, Malcolm Cumming, Hilda Francks, Valerie Richards, Christine Cooper, Frances Waring, Ethel Coleridge, Edith Cuthbert. ‘Previous visits of [The Man Who Stayed at Home] to the Pier Theatre proved very acceptable to Eastbourne audiences, and on Monday evening there was every sign that interest in the doings of Christopher Brent (the man who stayed at home) shows but little sign waning, the large audience being delighted with the thrilling episodes in one of the most successful plays of the times … Although the play is dramatic and intensely interesting, there is a welcome vein of genial humour which lightens the story’ (Eastbourne Gazette, 25 April 1917).
13 Aug 1917 A Kiss For CinderellaProfessional
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The Eastbourne Gazette, 8 August 1917, advertised Percy Hutchison and Hilda Trevelyan in A Kiss for Cinderella at the Pier Theatre, Eastbourne commencing Monday 13 August for six nights and two matinees. The Eastbourne Gazette, 15 August 1917, published a review of the production: ‘The play is brought down by Mr. Percy Hutchison, supported by his Kingsway Theatre company, including Miss Hilda Trevelyan in her original part of Cinderella. This will be the only appearance of Mr. Hutchison and Miss Trevelyan in the play this autumn’.
23 Sep 1918 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Stage, 19 and 26 September 1918, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home as On Tour from 23 September at the Pier, Eastbourne – but in practice only for the first three nights Monday-Wednesday, 23-25 September, as Taylor Platt’s company was performing at Worthing for the rest of the week.
25 Aug 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
29 Nov 1920 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Performed by Brasher's company for the week: Robert Brasher (actor), Carlton Hutchinson (actor), Desmond O'Neill (actor), Brendan O'Sullivan (actor), Harry Gilbey (actor), Stephen Jack (actor), C.B. Keston (actor), Olivia Glynn (actress), Vera McCallum (actress)
30 Apr 1923 General PostProfessional
18 Sep 1930 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Performed for three nights with matinee Saturday.