Great War Theatre

Address: Bristol, UK

Performances at this Theatre

21 Sep 1914 AlliesProfessional
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'Variety Gossip' noted on 24 September 1914 that 200 men from the Gloucester regiment viewed the performance, whilst the 'Western Daily Press' noted that the National Anthem of the Allies was played before each performance and that there was a large number of teritorials in uniform present.
2 Feb 1915 KulturProfessional
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Kultur played her for 3 weeks until 1st March 1915. Cast: Georgina Milne (Annette Bovis), J B Butler (Monsieur Bovis), Marie Kildare (Helene Schwartz), Cecil du Gue (Otto Schwartz), Oliver Rogers (The Burgomaster), Herbert Brooklyn (General Bisfurth), Ellis Holland (Dudley Howard), Unity Webb (English Officer), F G Carrilo (Uhlan Officer), E Chester (Belgian Priest), T E Buxton (Belgian Priest), E Lawson (German Officer), E Austin (French Officer), Dick Harcourt (France), Hyam Fay (actor), C Eugud (actor).
15 Mar 1915 Der TagProfessional
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Performed by Norman McKinnel and Lilian Braithwaite. The Clifton Society noted that the play "is no 'hymn of hate'. Passion burns in it indeed, but it is passion for right and justice' (18 March 1915). Other acts in the same bill were Tom Foy & Co, Pasquali Bros, the Harlequinaders, Helen Charles, Alice Craven, Lancashire, Topliss Green.
30 Aug 1915 The New WordProfessional
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‘A programme of exceptional brilliance is presented at the Bristol Hippodrome this week. Sir J. M. Barrie’s playlet “The New Word,” forms an attractive feature. In it we are introduced into a home, where the son has donned khaki to the demonstrative pride and joy of the womanfolk, pater-familias concealing his satisfaction as becomes a true, solid Briton. But in a heart-to-heart talk with his boy the old gentleman unbends, and the son’s British buckram is not proof against the father’s new-found cordiality. The New Word is ‘“Second-Lieutenant.” Helen Haye, O. B. Clarence, Geoffrey Wilmer and Ethel Wellesley are the actors concerned’. Clifton Society, 2 September 1915.
27 Dec 1915 The (K)night in Queer StreetUnknown
31 Jan 1916 Ladies FirstProfessional
21 Feb 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'HonneurProfessional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt.
28 Feb 1916 Match BoxesProfessional
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Performed by Mabel Knowles. Other acts on the same bill were: G. H. Elliott, Chris Van Bern (magician), The Keystone Troupe, Hunter and Bob, Zara Wolinski, the Sisters Aberdarc, and Gillie Potter. Described as 'Screamingly funny throughout' (Western Daily Press, 19 February 1916)
21 Aug 1916 The Great Redding Street BurglaryProfessional
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'A very delightful sketch was presented Alfred Sutro, in which C. V. France, Helen Haye, Norman Forbes, Norman Page, and Athene Seyler appeared. was entitled The Great Redding Street Burglary," and it was full of human, interest, and had good moral pointing in the direction of helping the war loan'. (Western Daily Press, 22 August 1916)
11 Sep 1916 For Those In PerilProfessional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
4 Jun 1917 Smith VCProfessional
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Others on the same bill were: Charles Hawtrey & Co in 'Elegant Edward', Elsa Cameron Er, Mey & Rey, Olga Verney, Gaby Revette, Dalmere's Circus, Lupino Lane.
9 Jul 1917 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week by cast including Harry Buss, and Mick Webber. 'All the artists appearing in this sketch have served with H. M. Forces, or are over military age' (Western Daily Press, 7 July 1917)
10 Sep 1917 Opkins On FatigueProfessional
31 Dec 1917 Flying ColoursProfessional
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Western Mail, Monday 31 December 1917, advertised ‘Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather Presents Harry Thurston as “Old Bill” in the “Johnson ‘Ole”’ at the Bristol Hippodrome. ‘The Bairnsfather type on the halls is no longer a novelty, but amongst the earliest to introduce “Old Bill” to the halls was Mr Harry Thurston. He is the [Bristol] Hippodrome this week in a trench scene and it is noteworthy that the comedy of the act does not begin and end with the “make-up” of “The Walrus.” There is good, broad comedy from the start, and, happily, no departure into pathos. The programme, throughout is of exceptional strength …’. Western Daily Press, 1 January 1918.
25 Feb 1918 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week by cast including Harry Buss. Others on the same bill: Marcelle & partner (comedy jugglers), the cleverest performing Sea Lion in the World, Tom E. Hood, Rosa Dallow, Torino, Ida Long.
30 Dec 1918 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week by a cast including Harry Buss. Others on the same bill: Dan Rolyat (musical comedy star), The Diving Belles (skilful and graceful feats in water), Nora Blaney and Gwen Farrar (ragtime burlesque), Fred Milner (entertainer), W. V. Robinson (Canadian entertainer), Joe and Willy (Spanish equilibrists and comedians), up-to-date pictures. 'Thoroughly enjoyed by large audiences last night...Harry Buss displays great resourcefulness in keeping the sketch going merrily..' (Western Daily Press, 31 December 1918)