Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Stars in CourtUnknown
5 Aug 1915 Sweetheart MineUnknown
7 Aug 1916 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Era, 2 August 1916, advertised The Man Who Stayed at Home (Red) as On The Road from 7 August at the T.R., Worthing. The Worthing Gazette, 2 August 1916, advertised ‘The Successful Royalty Theatre Spy Play’ The Man Who Stayed at Home on the following Monday-Wednesday [7-9 August] at the Worthing Theatre.
21 Jul 1919 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone WrongProfessional
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The Stage, 17 and 24 July 1919, listed Bubbly as On Tour from 21 July at the R., Worthing. ‘What delightful entertainment is provided by Bubbly, the musical production which has been secured by the Management of the Theatre for the whole of the present week. It possesses novel elements, and is quite different from anything else we have seen. Much cleverness has been exhibited in its construction, with the result that a veritable feast of enjoyment is furnished. There are no fewer than eleven “bubbles” in the two acts, and nothing more acceptable of the lighter form of entertainment has been seen here for a very long time. There is no consecutive plot, but a series of episodes, among the most diverting of which are the burlesque dramas, Old Bill on his return to civil life, and “The Comforts of Home.” The book is by J. Hastings Turner and the music by Philip Braham, and the production sparkles from beginning to end. The piece is now in the third year of its tour, and Mr. Ralph Haslam has provided it with a splendid setting, the Company now in possession of the Theatre being under the direction of Mr. Augustus Bingham ... Bubbly is most admirably placed upon the stage, and so mirthful a form of entertainment deserves to secure a succession of large and appreciative audiences’ (Worthing Gazette, 23 July 1919).
3 Nov 1919 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Presented by Robert Brasher. Performed for the week.
8 Apr 1922 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional
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Performed by the London company with Martin Harvey for one night only.
22 Mar 1928 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed Thursday-Saturday with two performances Saturday
12 Nov 1928 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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Performed by the Imperial Players for three nights, Monday-Wednesday.