Great War Theatre

Address: Manchester, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Soldier BoyUnknown
N/A La Chienne du RoiUnknown
12 Apr 1915 PartnersUnknown
12 Apr 1915 The Road to RaeburyUnknown
12 Apr 1915 FollowersUnknown
15 Apr 1915 Sale By AuctionUnknown
3 May 1915 Honours EasyUnknown
3 May 1915 Two's CompanyUnknown
15 May 1915 The Toy ShopUnknown
24 Dec 1915 The Miller's DaughterUnknown
23 Dec 1916 Maid of the MountainsUnknown
21 May 1917 StringsUnknown
27 Aug 1917 ArletteUnknown
15 Apr 1918 JulyannProfessional
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Performed 15-20 April by cast including H. V. Esmond, and Moya Mannering. This was intended to be the last performance on the provincial tour before the play transferred to London but there is no evidence that the London production took place.
18 Aug 1919 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Presented for the week by Thomas C. Dagnall's company: cast included J. Lawrence Anderson (actor), Evelyn Ormonde (actress), Will Smith (actor), Vincent Holman (actor), Dorothy Clifton (actress).
20 Dec 1920 The FoundationsProfessional
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Performed by the Everyman Theatre Company. "The Stage", 16 December 1920
15 May 2018 Going UpUnknown