Great War Theatre

Address: Cardiff, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
9 Mar 1914 La Flambee Professional
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Performers: Cecile Barclay, Rupert Lister
14 Jun 1915 The Right Stuff Unknown
2 Aug 1915 The Day Before The Day Professional
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‘After a week’s closure, the New Theatre, Cardiff, will be re-opened on Monday next, with the intensely interesting and topical four-act drama, “The Day Before the Day” … This remarkable play comes direct from the St. James’s Theatre, London, and Mr. Rupert Lister and Miss Cecile Barclay figure as the principal characters. The title of the piece gives an indication of its purport, but the absorbing character of the plot cannot be appreciated without personal experience of the histrionic abilities of the actors, who make up the cast in the production of this remarkable play. It deals with the Hun and his reprehensible methods in a succession of most exciting situations, and the play is a striking illustration of German characteristics, which the world is to-day protesting against in the European war’ (Western Mail, 31 July 1915). '‘After brief vacation the New Theatre, Cardiff, was re-opened on Monday, with matinee and evening performances of Mr. C. B. Fernald’s new play, “The Day Before The Day.” Two overflowing holiday audiences greeted this remarkable play with enthusiasm, explaining the remarkable run of success it has enjoyed at the St. James’s Theatre, London. Apart from the forceful appeal it makes to the patriotic subject, the production throws a lurid light upon the barbarous methods of the Huns. Though not a war play in the acknowledged sense of the term, the audience is made to feel itself moving in atmosphere of khaki and German spies ... The topical drama is full of excitement, interest never flags - and it certainly never did on Monday, whilst it pulsates with a strong vein of humour throughout. Mr. Rupert Lister (Captain Gay [sic – Guy] Howison) and Miss Cecile Barclay (Victoria Buckingham) are two brilliant stars in a wonderfully good cast, and bring out the best features in a play which is well worth seeing. The other artistes, all of whom sustain their allotted parts splendidly, include Messrs. Hugh Lyndhurst, Charles Wiseman, Bruce Lindley, Hubert Brett, Wallace Everrett [sic – Evennett], James Weston, Arthur E. Pringle, Thomas Reed, and the Misses Lilian Seaton, Beryl Wylly, Amy Morrison, and Blanche Payling’ (Western Mail, 3 August 1915).
26 Nov 1915 Armageddon Professional
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Performed Friday night and Saturday matinee only. 'Mr Martin Harvey also requests that his patrons will seated for the prologue of Armageddon by 7.30 on Friday night, as no late-comers can admitted during the presentation of the prologue, during which it is essential that the auditorium is kept in perfect darkness' (Western Mail, 24 November 1915)
6 Mar 1916 The Man Who Stayed At Home Professional
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Previewed in the Western Mail, 4 March 1916: ‘the play is at once thrilling and amusing, and has a special appeal for theatre-goers at this period in international affairs’. ‘One of the outstanding features in connection with the great war is the extent of the German spying system. It is not surprising, therefore, that a play based on this subject should be popular. "The Man Who Stayed at Home” is such a play … it drew a packed audience to the Cardiff New Theatre on Monday night. A work of great merit, it deserves all the success it has achieved … There is a strong cast, among whom Messrs. Charles Troode, C. H. Mortimer, G. Herrington, Miss Amy Elstob, Miss Dorothy Hall, and Miss Edith Cuthbert are particularly good’ (Western Mail, 7 March 1916; the actors were members of E. Taylor Platt;s touring company).
30 Oct 1916 A Kiss For Cinderella Professional
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The Western Mail, 28 October 1916, advertised Hilda Trevelyan and Percy Hutchison in A Kiss for Cinderella at the New Theatre, Cardiff from Monday 30 October. The Western Mail, 31 October 1916, published a review of the production.
26 Mar 1917 The Bing Boys Are Here Professional
3 Dec 1917 Inside the Lines Professional
25 Feb 1918 The Invisible Foe Professional
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Performed for the week by cast including Julian Royce.
1 Apr 1918 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone Wrong Professional
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The Western Mail, Monday 25 March 1918, advertised Bubbly ‘next week’ at the New Theatre, Cardiff. The Era, 27 March 1918, listed Bubbly as On The Road from 1 April at the N., Cardiff.
12 Nov 1918 The Burgomaster Of Stilemond Professional
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Performed between 12 and 15 November 1918.
3 Feb 1919 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone Wrong Professional
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The Stage, 30 January 1919, listed Bubbly as On Tour from 3 February at the New Theatre, Cardiff.
24 Feb 1919 By Pigeon Post Professional
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Fred Conyers (actor, stage supervisor), Gilbert Heron (actor), Baliol Holloway (actor), Ethel Gordon (actress), Reginald Turner (actor), Florence Helm (actress), Herbert Vyvyan (actor), Goodie Willis (actress), A. Blundell Murray (actor)
21 Apr 1919 Nurse Benson Professional
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‘A company of distinction, under the direction of Marie Löhr, are presenting Nurse Benson [at the New, Cardiff] as the holiday and Race week attractions, and on Monday two houses, packed to overflowing at the matinée and the evening performance, enthusiastically greeted Hazel Jones in a charmingly natural assumption of Lady Gillian Dunsmore, the pseudo nurse Benson ...'. The Stage, 24 April 1919.
19 May 1919 The Amorist Professional
23 Jun 1919 Tails Up Professional
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Advertised in the Western Mail, 16 June 1919.
8 Sep 1919 The Luck Of The Navy Professional
8 Mar 1920 The Amorist Professional
16 Aug 1920 General Post Professional