Great War Theatre

Address: Eglinton Street, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G5 9NT, Scotland

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
8 Oct 1914 The Touch O' Bonny Scotland Unknown
19 Oct 1914 The Touch O' Bonny Scotland Professional
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Possibly performed by Tom Colley and Co. Incorrectly listed in one newspaper as being performed at the Lyric, Glasgow but all others confirm the Coliseum. Comments - 'a new sketch by a local man which deserves the reception accorded to it', The Stage, 22/10,1914 and 'A sketch, written by a Glasgow gentleman, ... is given a very cordial reception indeed', Scottish Referee, 23/10/1914. Advertised as 'Ae Touch o' Bonnie Scotland; or, Somewhere in France'.
26 Oct 1914 Joining the Lodge Unknown
19 Apr 1915 Parlez Vous Francais Unknown
31 May 1915 The Touch O' Bonny Scotland Professional
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Staged during the week of Moss Empires Ltd 3rd Annual Amateur Carnival, a talent contest with a 'Big Star Variety Bill'. Comment - 'a new Scottish song scena entitled [..] Touch o' Bonnie Scotland; or, Somewhere in France', The Stage, 3/6/1917.
28 Jun 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
8 May 1916 Joyland Professional
29 May 1916 The Frenchwoman Professional
27 Jul 1916 A Woman’s Force Unknown
14 Aug 1916 A Day In A Dug-Out Professional
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The evening was described as 'splendid entertainment' with the 'leading place is taken by a topical show entitled "A Day in a Dug-Out", a bright and breezy little production which proved very acceptable.' (Daily Record and Mail, 15 Auust 1916). Other pieces in the same bill were: 'The Good Luck Girl' (a play starring Coleman & Alexandra), Fulgora, Billy French, Musical Navvies, New Macs, Thurber and Thurber, and Six Ceylons.
14 Dec 1916 Bo-Peep Unknown
28 May 1917 Follow the Flag Professional
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A gigantic national revue in 10 gorgeous scenes The Super Spectacular Revue Powerful Company featuring Walter Passmore, Leo Ray A superb Beauty Chorus of 60 Those who saw the remarkable scenic and artistic effects evolved in the "Tulip" and "Flag" scenes and the Scottish "Gathering of the Clan" scene in "Razzledazzle" will need no further confirmation as to William J. Wilson's inventiveness - the mastermind that now presents "Follow the Flag." A surpassing feast of music, artistic splendour and spectacle. Music by the musical genius Herman Darewski, augmented orchestra. Patriotism without jingoism. "Follow the Flag" whilst essentially a patriotic spectacular production, repleted with glittering pageantry does not descend to jingoism. It is an imperial spectacle. Blended with a wealth of comedy. Some press opinions The revue is super gorgeous. (Liverpool Post) Bang up to date in its conceptions. (Liverpool Express) A huge success. (News of the World) (Daily Record - Monday 28 May 1917) (Daily Record - Monday 28 May 1917)
28 May 1917 Follow the Flag Professional
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"Follow the Flag" has achieved such a striking success here that it has been retained for a second week. With Walter Passmore in the cast, it is well supported. (The Stage - Thursday 07 June 1917)
10 Dec 1917 Nosey Knows Professional
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Performed for the week by George Hestor (actor), Dorothy Frostick (actress), Ethel Arden (actress), Winnie Collins (actress).
4 Mar 1918 The Bull-Dog Breed Professional
22 Apr 1918 Rations Professional
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The Daily Record, 22 April 1918, advertised at the Coliseum Theatre ‘Fred Karno’s “Rations,” featuring Robt. Wilton, Winnie Collins, and a Strong Company of Fun Makers’, with supporting variety turns. The Era, 8 May 1918, advertised Rations with a quote from the Glasgow Evening News, 23 April 1918: ‘It is a right good show, with just enough of the solo and chorus to give Robb Wilton a rest, not to mention the ribs of the audience, for he makes them sore. Since Fred Kitchen’s day Karno has not struck a comedian like Robb Wilton, and it is doubtful whether Fred or Robb will regard this as the greater compliment’.
8 Jul 1918 Flying Colours Professional
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The Daily Record, Thursday 4 July 1918, advertised for the following week at the Coliseum Harry Thurston in “The Johnson ‘Ole”.
22 Jul 1918 Hotch Potch Professional
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Performers: Fred Kitchen, Nora Delany
17 Dec 1918 The Lads of the Village Professional
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Performed here until 22 December 1918 and starring Bob Stevens as Erb.
30 Dec 1918 Rations Professional
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The Daily Record, 30 December 1918, advertised at the Coliseum ‘Fred Karno Presents Tom Drew in Rations. A Queue of Quaint Quipsters, And Winnie Collins. A Clever Skit On War Conditions. Supported by All-Star Variety Programme’. Also, ‘The fun in Fred Karno’s “Rations,” presented at the Coliseum, is anything but rationed. It is there in generous abundance. Tom Drew is the chief mirth-provoker in this topical skit, while Winnie Collins sings and dances with great success' (Daily Record, 31 December 1918).
13 Oct 1919 Seven Days Leave Professional

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