Great War Theatre

Address: London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

17 Sep 1914 England Expects - A Recruiting PlayProfessional
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Seats in the gallery were free and the performance was presented three times daily. The cast included: Seymour Hicks, Isabel Elsom, Harding Cox, Master Sidney Fitchie (child actor), Harry Reynolds, Edgar J Coyne, Montague Travers, Keith Williams, Harold Perry, Elsie Margetson, May Taverner, Herbert Evans, Elizabeth Watson.
24 Dec 1914 AladdinUnknown
29 May 1915 The Queen Of Spades Or Pique-DameUnknown
15 Jul 1915 AlekoUnknown
17 Jul 1916 Look Who's HereUnknown
4 Dec 1916 My Superior OfficerProfessional
23 Dec 1916 CinderellaUnknown
8 Mar 1917 The Other Bing BoysUnknown