Great War Theatre

Address: Birmingham, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Cobbler's ShopUnknown
N/A Abraham LincolnUnknown
N/A The Battle Of The PumpUnknown
N/A King Lear's WifeUnknown
N/A X=0, A Night In The Trojan WarUnknown
N/A Miss RobinsonUnknown
N/A Paying the PriceUnknown
12 Sep 1914 The End of the WorldProfessional
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'a social comedy, which is only spoiled by a slightly excessive length' (Stage, 17 September 1914)
23 Dec 1914 CinderellaUnknown
15 Mar 1915 The Little ManUnknown
15 Mar 1915 The Little ManProfessional
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'As the playlet was written in October 1913, any conscious war flavour is discounted', "Birmingham Daily Gazette", 16 March 1915.
8 May 1915 The Devil among the SkinsUnknown
8 May 1915 The Painter and The BabyUnknown
8 May 1915 The StormUnknown
9 Oct 1915 Keepers of the GardenUnknown
30 Oct 1915 His Majesty's PleasureUnknown
20 Nov 1915 Over a Garden WallUnknown
4 Dec 1915 The FaithfulUnknown
18 Mar 1916 Her Proper PrideUnknown
18 Mar 1916 The ProposalUnknown
7 Oct 1916 The Sweeps of Ninety EightUnknown
7 Oct 1916 The God of QuietProfessional
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Performed alongside "The Sweeps of 98" by John Masefield and "The Inca of Perusalem" for the week by Joseph A. Dodd (actor), W. Brunton (actor), William J. Rea (actor), William Armstrong (actor), Felix Aylmer (actor), Frank Moore (actor), Frank Clewlow (actor), Noel Shammon (actor) Arthur J. Gaskin (sets and costume). "It is the most dramatic play Mr. Drinkwater has written, and shows development of the theatrical knowledge gained by the author while in charge of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre' (Pall Mall Gazette, 9 October 1916) "a moving and beautiful lyrical drama, a little difficult to follow at the first hearing" (Birmingham Daily Post, 9 October 1916)
21 Oct 1916 The Misfortune of Being CleverUnknown
26 Oct 1916 First DistillerUnknown
26 Oct 1916 A Merry DeathProfessional
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Performers: Mr Drinkwater (Producer), Mr William Armstrong (Pierrot) Mr Felix Aylmar (actor), Mr Armstrong (actor), Miss Pinchard Other acts on bill: Tolstoy's "The First Distiller", Tchekoff's "The Proposal"
27 Oct 1916 A Merry DeathProfessional
4 Nov 1916 The God of QuietProfessional
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Performed for the week alongside "The Sweeps of 98" by John Masefield and "The Inca of Perusalem" "Mr Drinkwater's play becomes at the last an exercise for fancy, instead of an invocation to imagination" (Birmingham Daily Post, 6 November 1916)
11 Nov 1916 The Farmer's WifeUnknown
26 Dec 1916 Puss in BootsUnknown
3 Mar 1917 The WoundedUnknown
10 Mar 1917 While Rome BurnsUnknown
14 Apr 1917 Everybody's HusbandUnknown
21 Sep 1918 The BearUnknown
21 Sep 1918 The Grand Cham's DiamondUnknown
21 Sep 1918 One Day MoreUnknown
2 Nov 1918 A Moment's GiddinessUnknown
23 Nov 1918 Deirdre of the SorrowsUnknown
2 Oct 1921 The FoundationsProfessional